Motion graphics are at the peak of their popularity among marketing-savvy designers and brand strategists from around the world. It’s no wonder that logo animations are rapidly gaining traction among smaller brands as well. Following in the footsteps of current market giants like Google, Apple, and Linkedin, we’re putting brand assets in motion!

Need some logo animation inspiration to get those creative juices flowing? We’ve got you covered! Skim through this list of the best animated logos out there, and you’ll see how these visuals are in fact doing more than just establishing brand identity. Companies are using them as a whole new outlet for their manifestos, as they efficiently convey more information than a static logo would.

Wondering if you need coding skills to be on par with the designers of these creative animated logos? No worries — we have plenty of resources to help guide you! Including:

  • Animated logo benefits – a list of advantages to consider if you’re on the fence about delving into motion graphics with your branding strategy
  • SVG logo animation maker – everything you need to know about our no-code logo animation creator tool
  • How to animate a logo without writing a single line of code – from preparing your static file to choosing the right interactivity settings

Let's get inspired with the following animated logo categories:

3D Logo Animation Examples

The best logo animations we’ve seen from logo artists who like to put their own spin on newly rebranded logos are three-dimensional! There’s simply something about 3D artwork that’s hard to compete with when you want to create an easily-recognizable and memorable logo.

Microsoft 365

One of the most remarkable 3D logo animation examples comes from Microsoft’s latest iconography rebrand. The shift from the Microsoft Office logo to the new Microsoft 365 logo symbol shows that the Microsoft product family is going full circle (literally!) to align itself with Microsoft’s design systems.

The creative team that stands behind this project mentioned that the metaphors they used to determine the shape of the logo were “interlinking,” “gateway,” and “connection.” Toning the original Office colors down to a cooler range and experimenting with expanding gradients also played a part in the design process.

Made by Wes Cream for Microsoft Design


The 3D Nike design is among the trippiest animated logo examples out there. The smooth switch between its two versions vividly animates the exact meaning behind the original Nike swoosh: a simple design that illustrates motion and speed.

Featuring a mix between the “Nike” wordmark and the brand’s iconic swoosh mark, and neon gradients that err on the exciting side of the color spectrum, this logo animation is a feast for the eyes!

Nike 3D logo animation - Made by GIORGI

Facebook | Meta

In October 2021, the parent company of Facebook made a definitive 180 by switching from “Facebook Inc.” to “Meta Platforms” and announced that this brand overhaul aimed to reflect their focus on building the metaverse. With the re-brand, along came the new Meta logo, which got mixed reactions from logo designers.

The animated logo leaves behind the blocky wordmark Facebook users easily recognize. It introduces a vibrant blue gradient and a 3D continuous looping shape that resembles a ribbon with two-coiled ends. The logo symbol is meant to illustrate the “infinite horizons in the metaverse,” as the design team at Meta puts it.

Meta 3D animated logo - Made by Vedant Hegde


Figma’s logo matured into the easily distinguishable symbol we know today, after the tool’s latest branding update in 2017. It’s currently assembled from three simple shapes and a modular grid, and as the designers behind the concept put it, “with a small set of elemental shapes you can build things of great complexity.”

With such a simple yet brilliant design process, keeping an open-mind was a must to create a 3D logo animation that was up to par. This artist nailed it though – and followed Figma’s own “encouraging play” concept to show that the tool provides a creative workspace that can be as fun and as easy as child’s play!

Figma logo - Made by Nazmul Chowdhury


Based on a clever logo concept created by logo designer Nikoloz Narsia, this 3D animated logo looks like a real-time magic trick, with its seamless transitions and optical illusion-like motion graphics.

Crafted to target Cryptocurrency, Web3 and B2B marketing territory, the compact and clear-cut look of this logo animation fits the white-collar brand identity that it aims to create. Clean and concise!

CroSwap 3D logo - Made by Zauri Miminoshvili

Simple Logo Animations Examples

Simple logo designs often have the most elaborate concepts behind them and require a great branding effort to support them. By no means are we referring to these animated logos as simple in regard to the ease of the design process. We’re looking at them as logo animation inspiration for the minimalists among us!


Google’s signature graphics need no introduction, but the brand’s animated logo does a fine job of showcasing the wide-ranging services under its umbrella. Through morph animation, the logo carries across brand messaging using just basic shapes and Google’s official colors. Simple and straightforward!

Unlike a Google Doodle, which is a temporary commemorative Google art piece, the official animated Google logo aims to speak to the tech giant’s future. The smooth animation of the mic morphing into sound waves, and then into a system processing a request, translates into adaptability, scalability, and interactivity.

The Google logo animated
Google logo animation - Made by Google

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Discord’s OG mascot logo is the iconic gaming console character named “Clyde.'' With the brand fully shifting their focus to cater to a broader consumer base, moving away from its gaming-centric origins, Clyde has gone through some changes as well.

Designers first freed Clyde from his restrictive speech bubble and then reshaped the character to make its features easier to translate when scaled to print on merch. The animated Discord logo brings the friendlier and more playful feel of the mascot full-circle, with just a wink and some fine-tuned changes in the brand’s color palette and wordmark.

Animated Discord logo
Discord logo - Made by Discord


There’s actually no “hocus” going on here! In fact, it’s just a different spin on branding with the help of no-code SVG animation. The only magic here is how a simple wordmark can be given a playful vibe using only basic shapes.

Branding, after all, is just a bunch of multifaceted and persuasive “hocus pocus” that’s meant to enchant customers and bring them back again and again. Designers that manage to create extraordinary logo concepts with only simple elements are real wizards indeed!

Animated Hocus logo
Hocus animated logo - Made by SVGator


Fiverr’s distinct logotype is associated with the brand’s signature pricing model: the starting price for every digital service on the marketplace is $5. The Fiverr logo animation doesn’t stray too far away from the memorable logo that its consumers are familiar with.

Using only white and what the brand calls “Fiverr green,” and an exciting entrance animation for the wordmark, this animated logo emphasizes how quickly you can get projects done by hiring their freelancers.

Fiverr animated logo
Fiverr logo - Made by Lemons


With a logo concept drawn up in Fireart Studio, MarketMove’s logo animation hits the mark on the dynamic brand identity it was created for. And it does so effectively by animating only the logo’s lettermark.

Designed for a platform that allows users to buy, trade, and spend cryptocurrencies, the animated logo mirrors a financial data graph, complete with the value rip and dip pattern.

MarketMove animated logo
MarketMove logo - Made by Younique


We’re all familiar with Disney’s magical logo, with the abstract version of the Disneyland castle serving as a background to Disney’s emblematic wordmark. For many of us, this logo was a childhood emotional trademark for fun and unlimited entertainment, just like Walt Disney intended it to be.

Disney’s animated logo pushes the magical feel of the brand just one step further, animating a shooting star that arcs above the castle. Walt Disney Pictures, the production studio, uses this logo animation as an intro to every Disney movie, to set the scene for a world of wonder and wishes granted.

Disney logo animated
Disney logo animation - Made by Disney

Cool Logo Animations Examples

We couldn’t leave out the animated logo examples that just have that distinctive “cool” factor to them. We’re including here the branding gems that are thought-provoking, emotion-stirring, and all-around impressive.


Whirling its way among the coolest logo animations, this version of the Snapchat logo feels like a spellbinding morphing marathon. The design uses just Snapchat's yellow, black, and white color-trio along with line animation to give the brand’s mascot, Ghostface Chillah, a very dramatic entrance.

The ghostly appearance that finally morphs into the Snapchat icon references the brand’s core “phantom” policy, which is to delete pictures after a user-set time limit.

Snapchat logo animatiom
Snapchat morphing logo - Made by Alexander Pyatkov


The Coca-Cola logo has played a monumental role in the powerful brand identity behind the market giant that is The Coca-Cola Company. Coca-Cola’s animated logo unites the abstract bottles of the most consumed Coca-Cola flavors (Coca-Cola Classic and Diet Coke) inside the original red disc logo.

Complete with the world-famous white-ribbon logotype on top of the “Taste the Feeling” wordmark, this logo animation plays into Coca-Cola’s one-brand strategy. And that’s pretty cool if you ask us!

Coca Cola logo animation
Coca-Cola logo animation - Made by Coca-Cola


Apple has been continuously simplifying its logo ever since it started using its rainbow-striped iconic apple in 1976. The logo’s design has seen a constant shift toward a minimalist look. Given this trend, the company doesn’t have an official Apple logo animation. But there are plenty of cool animated logos being created by members of the Apple community!

The brand leverages the attention-grabbing nature of user-generated artwork on its “Jobs at Apple'' page. Viewers are met with a rapid-fire loop of animated Apple logos, designed using a variety of techniques, from fluid animation, to seamless morphing, to some of the most intriguing 3D logo animation examples out there!

Apple logo animated


Friendly, curious, and eager to help – that’s how the brand comes across, thanks to Gotikket’s animated logo. For an intuitive tool that helps travelers secure reservations/bookings, a cheery approach to branding works wonders.

It’s impressive to see how with only subtle movements, both in its brand mark and in its wordmark, along with the right typeface, this logo already looks like a traveler's best friend!

Gotikket sublte logo animation - Made by Tubik


Reddit’s mascot logo depicts a character that the community knows as Snoo. Snoo is actually a time-traveling, genderless alien with pom-pom ears and an antenna. Nowadays, the Reddit logo is an orange-red flat circle holding Snoo’s face, drawn in thick white lines, followed by Reddit’s black wordmark.

This spectacular animated Reddit logo pays homage to the 2005 logo, which had the entire character visible. Snoo bounces into view with its parts floating, and reassembles itself on the dropdown. Users creating nostalgia artwork for this social channel speaks volumes about Reddit’s community-building powers. Both cool and wholesome!

Reddit animated logo example
Reddit mascot logo morphing - Made by MaxKravchenko


The symbolic Golden Arches in the McDonald’s logo we all know today were initially the identifying mark of the franchise's restaurant architecture. The “I’m lovin’ it” slogan was added to the modern double-arched “M” symbol back in 2003, now known as the longest-running McDonald’s brand slogan.

The McDonald’s logo animation is as simple as they come, with the Golden Arches being animated using self-drawing lines. The simplicity of the design reiterates the fact that the brand doesn’t need any frills to make a grand impression. It works on evoking “happy feels” alone!

McDonalds logo animation
McDonald’s logo animated - Made by McDonald's


Conversable, now a part of the LivePerson conversational cloud platform, has a logo that easily ranks as one of the most dazzling logo animation examples on this list. For context, the brand offers an AI-powered digital space for brand-to-consumer conversations.

The animated logo includes a slight chromatic aberration effect, mixed with a glitch effect that looks like digital distortion, with a pop-in entrance of the Conversable character logo. The spaceman’s face shield is actually a speech bubble, hinting at the brand’s messaging channels.

Conversable animated logo
Conversable logo - Made by Chenglei Wu


The brand’s entire identity revolves around “pinning” something to a board and saving ideas for inspiration. The Pinterest logo is one of the craftiest pieces of design, having a pin “hidden” in plain sight, being drawn to look like the letter “P.”

Pinterest’s animated logo earns its place among the best logo animation examples we’ve seen. With a cartoonish design, a pin bounces into view and then morphs into the iconic “P.” It’s then followed by a bouncing paperclip that eventually turns into the last two letters of the logo. The animation uses Pinterest’s easily recognizable wordmark and “Pinterest red” color.

Pinterest logo animation
Pinterest cartoonish logo animation - Made by MaxKravchenko

SVG Animated Logo Examples

We’ll stick to SVGator examples here, simply because any static SVG logo can be imported into SVGator’s editor. Here you can animate your logo with a full-featured SVG animation tool with almost no learning curve. From subtle movements to striking smooth transitions, there’s unlimited creative potential to be explored!

The Cookies

SVG animation might have math wizardry behind the SVG code generated by SVGator, but that doesn’t mean you can’t create wispy and graceful animated effects! To help anyone create chic-type animations like the one for the “The Cookies” logo, we posted our “How to Create a Handwriting Animation” step-by-step tutorial.

You can recreate this animated handwriting effect with any single-line font style. The handwriting Google Fonts we like best for this animation technique are Meow Script, Cookie, Dancing Script, or Norican. All great choices for a whimsical SVG wordmark animation!

"The Cookies" line text animation example
"The Cookies" animated SVG logo - Made by SVGator


Animated combination marks, where you put in motion both a brand’s logotype and logomark in one smooth loop, can be tricky to pull off. But with the right tool, the results can be as sensational as they are easy to achieve.

For the Luckypaint logo we used clipping path and stroke animation to create the initial brush strokes that reveal the logomark, and the Position, Rotate, Scale, and Opacity animators from SVGator’s toolset to create the entrance effect for the logotype. We wrapped up by using the Morph animator for the paint drips.

Animated Luckypaint logo
Luckypaint animated logo - Made by SVGator


Can you tell we’re fans of creating combination mark animations? The reason behind this preference is that SVG assets, static or animated, can be reused and repurposed in countless ways!

By drawing and animating both Voltsuite’s logomark and logotype from scratch with SVGator, we now have an entire collection of branding elements: three static logos (mark, type, and combination) and three animated logos following the same logic. Each of them can serve as web/in-app iconography, splash screens, page loaders, and other brand identity markers.

Voltsuite animated logo
Voltsuite animated logo - Made by SVGator

Creative Logo Animation Examples

What happens when you give in to the urge to step away from minimalism once in a while, and you decide to take a brand’s logo to new heights with creative approaches to motion graphics? Let us show you exactly how striking the results can be!


Starting off with its signature animated “N” ribbon, the Netflix logo animation morphs into a barcode-like visual. This concept originated from the team’s initial idea of using the thumbnails of Netflix originals, seen from a sideways view.

The play on the color spectrum and the illusion of depth are the key effects that draw consumers into a cinema-like atmosphere. The animated logo hints at how Netflix is maturing from its streaming-only roots into its production studio aspirations.

Netflix animated logo creative example
Netflix logo - Made by Netflix


The entire digital world can easily identify the iconic purple globe with its gradient shades, along with the orange fox with its fire-like tail hugging it. The animated Firefox logo is a true testament of the brand’s evolution!

The loop starts off with the brand’s static logo, which then morphs into a stylized, abstract version of itself. The Firefox wordmark scales down, while all the services that Firefox now offers are showcased using only morphing icons and a basic logotype in the brand’s colors. A sprint of creativity!

Firefox logo animated
Firefox logo - Made by Mozilla


The LinkedIn brand is easy to recognize by its executive typeface and black, white, and “LinkedIn blue” color palette. The design itself speaks to the company’s all-business and practicality-focused mindset.

The LinkedIn animated logo follows the same pattern, revealing the platform’s focal points: education and resume-building strategies to land you your dream job. Just a note of creativity in an otherwise pragmatic brand identity does wonders for its community-building ambitions!

Linkedin animated logo
LinkedIn animated logo - Made by Hamza Ouaziz


Logo designers can get crafty with their animated assets even when working with basic shapes and a limited color palette. For the “BeeKrafty” logo we added an extra pinch of dazzle with a distort effect for the logotype’s reveal.

To create this text animation entrance effect with SVGator, you’ll need to use the Opacity, Position, Scale, and Skew animators. You can find more SVGator tips and tricks in our article on design process optimization!

Animated BeeKrafty logo
BeeKrafty animated logo - Made by SVGator

Dunkin’ Donuts

Nowadays, the Dunkin’ Donuts logo is a digital-friendly and minimalist mix of the brand’s logos between 1976 and 2019. The brand kept the orange and pink colors for their wordmark, in the same plump and round typeface. The noticeable difference is that the logotype is now just  “Dunkin’.”

This animated logo, on the other hand, puts on a show with Dunkin’s classic combo: donuts and coffee. With a match-cut technique, the designer seamlessly transitions from a white donut hole to a glazed donut, to Dunkin’s iconic stylized coffee cup. Finally, a swift positioning animation makes room for the OG Dunkin Donuts wordmark.

Dunkin' Donuts animated logo
Dunkin’ Donuts logo - Made by Samy Elbadwy

Master Card

MasterCard’s logo is globally recognized, with its interlocking red and ocher-orange circles and the brand’s wordmark centered between the two. The logo has been only subtly altered to better reflect the company’s digital-driven attitude.

To illustrate its wide array of purposes in the digital landscape, this MasterCard brand-mission project shows customers the exciting delights and experiences they can pay for with Mastercard. In a fluid motion, the Mastercard symbol morphs into a stylized taco, followed up with a suitcase, a flashing Polaroid, and a map before looping back to the brand’s logo.

Mastercard animated logo example
Master Card morphing logo - Made by MasterCard


Back in 2014, PayPal completely revamped their logo design, changing not only the wordmark but also the icon. The new icon looks like a monogram with the overlapping double “P” in bold italics.

For this creative take on the PayPal logo, the brand’s corporate colors are used, along with an animation of two-fluid circles that rotate around the company’s three major selling points. Namely, a globe for global payments, a smartphone and a coin for mobile and cryptocurrency transactions, and a shield for its purchase protection policy.

PayPal logo animation inspiration
PayPal morphing logo animation - Made by Hamza Ouaziz


Sello is an e-commerce management platform that specializes in marketplace sales. The platform essentially integrates existing online stores into other popular e-commerce services, like Amazon, eBay, or Etsy.

With a play on the concept behind the brand, Sello’s logo animation is simple, yet witty. Using Sello’s slender and rounded typeface, the animated logo keeps the first four letters static, while the “o” morphs into object icons. The “o” morphs into a ring, then headphones, and finally into a bouncing baseball, illustrating the extensive range of products sold through Sello.

Sello animated logo example
Sello logo - Made by Latham Arnott

Final Thoughts

Animated logos have never been easier to create. Time to put your freshly replenished inspiration to work with SVGator!

If you’d like to share your work with the rest of the community, be sure to reach out. We’re on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Youtube, Pinterest, and Reddit.