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User-friendly animation tool

Create custom GIF animation with SVGator

Custom animation

Animating is easy with vector graphics and keyframes. No need to create frames individually.

Convert your SVGs to GIFs using SVGator

SVG to GIF export

Export GIF with a transparent background, then convert your SVG to WEBP, animated PNG, or PNG image sequence.

Export GIFs using SVGator

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With our GIF exporter, your GIFs are stored on SVGator’s cloud, ready for download and link sharing.

Animated SVG to GIF

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Turning SVG animation to GIF is now possible! Create your own animations in a friendly and intuitive interface, then export them as high quality GIFs in just a few clicks.

Discover a fun way to create animated GIF loops that you can use on your social media and marketing channels, your website, and prototyping tools.

Make your life easier with a simple tool that will save you from all those complex workarounds to export animated GIFs.

Animate GIFs using the SVGator tool

Export Transparent GIF

Get the best results

No more coarse edges when making a transparent GIF. SVGator will set the matte color to your canvas color automatically. You can also use dithering when you need to smoothen out colors

Customize size, fps, and speed. Set a specific number of iterations, or make your animation playback boomerang style by setting the direction to alternate.

Create a GIF
Use SVGator to export transparent GIFs

More export options

GIF Alternatives

SVG to GIF is only one of the several animated formats you can choose from.

Animated PNG

Convert your SVG to Animated PNG, the best quality animated image format out there. Supports 16-bit colors and semi transparency.

Animated WebP

This is the newest format. It uses compression the most efficiently to get the smallest raster-file sizes possible.

Image Sequence

This gives full control for the pros with lossless quality. Pick and choose between the frames or fine tune them individually.

Download samples
Export to GIF alternative formats like animated PNG, animated WebP or animated frame sequence

SVG to GIF Converter

Check out these awesome GIFs made with SVGator

GIF export is one of SVGator’s latest features. Have a look at these projects converted right from animated SVG to animated GIF:

animated ping pong ball bouncing on a pink racket
animated basketball spinning on the finger
animated french bulldog with cool sunglasses
animated flying pink bird
animated blue floating cloud with a smiley face
animated deconstruction of a hamburger’s ingredients
animated loader with the form of a cat
set of 4 animated emojis
animated dancing blue cactus
animated cute 3d yellow star
animated chat and heart icons
3 animated lego pieces that continuously switch their places

How to convert SVG to GIF

Create GIF from vector

Create & animate

Draw or import your SVG graphics, and set up keyframes on a timeline

Use SVGator’s settings to keep GIF files small in size

Keep filesize in mind

To keep GIFs file size smaller, use short animation loops and limit the color palette

Online GIF creator

Cloud conversion

Click export and your GIF will be exported and ready to be used anytime from the cloud

Create a free account and export your first GIF.

Make your own GIF



How can I make my GIF smaller?

There are four main things that substantially affect your GIF file size: animation length, framerate, number of colors, and resolution. Lowering any of these will bump down on the size, so try to find a balance and get the lowest settings of each in which your animation still looks great.


Can I share my GIF?

You can share a link to your GIF in two ways: get the public link right after rendering, or share it from the My Projects section where all your GIFs are stored. You can disable the link at any time from the same place.


What settings should I use?

GIFs don’t support semi-transparency and that tends to make edges harsh. Make sure that at export both transparency and matte edges options are checked. You can choose a color that matches your design well or is close to the background color you are planning to use it on.

For stickers and emojis, social apps and websites usually scale down GIFs, which makes them appear smooth without edges being a problem. Follow your platform's recommendations and upload all the recommended sizes, even if your final GIF will appear as small as 112px.

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