Whether you’re at the beginning of your SVG animation journey or you’re a seasoned professional looking for some inspiring SVG animation examples, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, you’ll find the best SVG CSS animation examples, as well as a lot of stunning Javascript SVG animation examples, all created in SVGator.

Many years have passed since the launch of SVGator, and there have been a ton of nice animations created and shared across various platforms. Now we have tried to categorize and present them in an SVG animation examples list so that you can cherry-pick the ones you like and use them as a source of inspiration for your next design projects.

Check out our SVG Animation examples:

Simple SVG animation examples

You do not necessarily need a lot of time and effort to create some nice animated elements to spice up your website or app. These simple SVG CSS animation examples show that subtle movements and basic animators do a great job of adding a competitive edge to your design.

Simple animated stopwatch
Stopwatch Animation - Made by SVGator
Animated green astronaut helmet in space
Animated Astronaut - Made by SVGator

Animated VR landing page with views for the Mobile-version and Web-version
Mobile & Web animated landing page - Made by SVGator

Animated geometrical shapes included on a web page
Animated shapes on a web page - Made by SVGator

SVG CSS animation examples

If we’re talking about simple animations, CSS is the easiest way to get something moving on the screen. It is a good choice because it is perfect for simple, "one-shot" UI elements like a navigation bar, a loader, or a toggle button. Have a look at these SVG CSS animation examples to get an idea of what you can create when you want to choose this export option.

Animated handwriting text - Fine Cravings
Animated handwriting text - Made by SVGator

Animated winf blowing the grassd with a bee passing by
Wind blowing the grass - Made by SVGator

Animated mail that flies and arrives at the mailbox
Mail flying to the mailbox - Made by SVGator

Animated geometric shapes of different shapes and sizes
Animated background with geometric shapes - Made by SVGator

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Javascript SVG animation examples

Are you determined to dive deeper into the SVG animation process? Then it's time to try Javascript effects for more control over your animation’s start, stop, pause, and reverse.

In SVGator, you always have the choice to export either as CSS or it can also include Javascript, based on your needs.

Take a look at these Javascript SVG animation examples that will convince you that this export option is definitely worth trying.

Anmated blue diamond shape
Animated blue diamond - Made by SVGator

Animated background made with different geometric shapes
Animated geometric background - Made by SVGator

Animated cartoon girls skating
Cartoon girls skating - Made by SVGator

Animated cartoon pen & pencil friends
Cartoon-like pen & pencil - Made By SVGator

SVG logo animation examples

Logos are supposed to be memorable, and animating them is an effective way to achieve this. A common animation effect is the self-drawing line, ideal for logotypes. Changing colors, size, or position is quite easy to do, but if you want to go the extra mile, you can try an advanced animator like morphing.

If you are looking for more SVG logo animation examples, you can check out a list of famous brand logos.
Musicat animated logo
Musicat logo - Made by SVGator

Animated Parrot Entertainment logo
Parrot Entertainment logo - Made by SVGator

Animated Hocus logo
Hocus logo - Made by SVGator

Animated Sniff logo
Sniff logo - Made by SVGator

Animated BeeKrafty logo
BeeKrafty logo - Made by SVGator

SVG loader animation examples

Entertain users with creative CSS loaders while they are waiting for the page to load. This way, you can ensure that they will stay until server operations finish processing. Turn your logo into a cool preloader, tell a story, or create an abstract spinner — the choice is yours. If you choose SVG, you can rest assured that it will be small in file size and really easy to create.

Animated round-shaped preloaders example
Round-shaped preloaders - Made by SVGator
3 animated simple preloader example
Simple preloader examples - Made by SVGator

Animated creative preloaders example
Creative preloaders - Made by SVGator

SVG icon animation examples

We just love clever micro-animations that bring the whole user experience to a new level. It’s really hard to choose the best SVG icon animation examples, but below you can find a few of our favorites. The best part is that you have full control over the animations, so you can set what happens on load, on click, on hover, and on mouse out.

Animated icons set with gradients
Animated icons with gradients - Made by SVGator

Animated e-commerce icons set
E-commerce animated icons set - Made by SVGator

Animated sales icons set
Sales animated icons - Made by SVGator

3 simple animated icons
Simple animated icons - Made by SVGator

Hamburger menus examples

One tiny navigational element hides endless possibilities for graphic designers. It can be used not only for mobile apps, but also for the web if you want to save. Check out these simple SVG animation examples themed around various types of food. After all, who said that the menu can only be a hamburger? 🤔

Animated buttons examples

Animated buttons are eye candy and the most important CTA elements of the page at the same time. You can trigger movement on hover or on click; a change in color and shape emphasizes the action taken and keeps engagement at its highest. It can significantly increase the number of clicks and encourage users to explore the site further.

Animated cats-themed button
Cat-themed animated buttons - Made by SVGator

Animated toggle buttons examples

A custom switch/toggle button can make the difference when it comes to microinteractions and interface animation. Visual feedback acknowledges a certain action so that users can be sure that they have reached the desired action or goal.

Animated smiley-face toggle button
Smiley-face toggle button - Made by SVGator

Animated neumorphic toggle buttons
Neumorphic toggle buttons - Made by SVGator
3 simple animated toggle buttons
Simple animated toggle buttons - Made by SVGator

SVG line animation examples

The handwriting, self-drawing, and self-erasing effects are really cool ways to animate text while bringing line art to the next level. Path animation examples might seem complicated at first glance, but if you’re using SVGator, you can simply create it by controlling the Offset and Dashes properties. You can also create an animation of dotted and dashed lines.

Find a few of the best SVG line or path animation examples created in SVGator below:

"The Cookies" line text animation example
"The Cookies" animated text - Made by SVGator

Animated biker made using line animation
Animated biker - Made by SVGator

Continuos line animation of a city
City-like line animation - Made by SVGator

SVG text animation examples

A stylized animated header in the hero section will definitely add some magic to your design and convey an impactful message. Increase the retention rate of your audience with nice and catchy text animations like in the examples below.

Animated hero section of a website
Animated hero section - Made by SVGator

Animated sales-themed messages
Animated sales-themed stickers - Made by SVGator

Animated characters examples

Creating and animating cute cartoon characters is so much fun! Character animation would be a real challenge with coding, but SVGator has made it super easy and time-efficient. A mascot can be used all over your app, website, and social media to entertain users, evoke feelings, or explain processes. In the last few years at SVGator, it has become a tradition to create a nice animated character for the Chinese new year.

Animated cartoon-like woman holding a key
Woman character holding a key - Made by SVGator

Animated blue cartoon-like cactus
Dancing blue cactus (hover over him to make him dance!) - Made by SVGator

Animated cartoon boy spinning a basketball
Boy spinning a basketball - Made by SVGator

Animated cartoon man walking his dog
Man walking his dog - Made by SVGator

Morph animation examples

Creating smooth shape animations is a piece of cake in SVGator. You can easily convert an element into a path and then add the Morph animator to the timeline. Select the Node tool to change the points’ position on a path, adjust timing, and you’re done.

Animated flying origami bird
Flying origami bird - Made by SVGator

Animated swimming jellyfish
Swimming jellyfish - Made by SVGator

Hand changing the shapes of the animation
Hand changing shapes - Made by SVGator

Programmatic control over your animations

If you would like to dive deeper into custom interactive animations, SVGator’s JS API lets you have event-driven control of your SVG files. You can read more about this option here and check out the live demo.

Programmatic control of your animations using SVGator's JS API
SVGator's JS API options

Final thoughts

We hope you found these SVG animation examples interesting and inspiring. We strongly encourage the extensive use of SVG animations on websites and in apps, due to their many advantages and benefits.

Now it’s your turn to give life to your stunning illustrations, and don’t forget to show us your Christmas-themed SVG, GIF, or other animations on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Reddit!