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Create Lightweight Mobile App Animations

Create impressive animations for mobile apps on a friendly and intuitive interface. Export cross-platform files for both Android and iOS.

Simple, Quick, Efficient

free svg animator

Design & animate in one place

No coding, no third party apps needed

Export foriOS & Android 

Animate for React Native or Flutter

SVGator has got you covered with the two most popular frameworks: React Native and Flutter. 

Design functional and delightful app animations with familiar graphic editing tools and advanced animators. 

Single player node module

Get better performance by using SVGator’s own external player. You are free to choose between embedded or single player modules, depending on your needs when exporting your app animations.

Test how our app animations work! 

Download this demo file and test it in your framework.


Get the player and the Web View module for Flutter or React native

Interactive app animations one click away

Breathe life into your mobile app with React Native animations without writing a single line of code, or create stunning Flutter Animations more easily than ever!

Get the most out of your limited screen estate with interactive app animations that will play on tap or on load.

Provide visual feedback in a creative and entertaining way, without spending long hours on animation for mobile apps. You can rest assured that your SVG animations will have the same performance in native apps as they do on the web. 

create svg

Advanced tools for amazing app animations

The most advanced animators are right at your fingertips!

Bring your interface design to the next level with morphing, play with clipping masks and clipping paths, create sophisticated stroke path animations, and set your custom easing functions.

Show processes, tell stories, and engage users with stunning in-app animations without writing a single line of code!

Save time and effort with a professional tool that will always get your job done!

Explore SVGator’sAssets Library 

Work even faster

Speed up your design process with ready-made assets: import them to your canvas and start the animation process right away. 

Import new elements

Upload your own assets to the library: add static SVG files or other images. Create original in-app animations effortlessly. 

Create once, re-use infinite times

Save your animation to the library so that you can use it as an asset in future projects. Simply select the animated elements, right click, and save them to the library. 

How to create animations for mobile apps