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animated SVG video exportConvert SVG to video

Create custom animations and export animated SVG to video in just a few clicks!

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Custom animations

One animation tool, multiple export options

SVG video converter

SVG to video

Your custom SVG animation projects can now be renderd as high quality videos.

remove background animation

Transparent video settings

Create videos with transparent backgrounds or semi-transparent elements by using the MOV or WebM format.

4k animation video download

Render up to 4k

Export your animated SVG to video without compromise: render up to 4k resolution at 60 fps.

SVG Animations to Video

Finally, an easy solution!

SVG video export is now possible!
Create your own animations in a friendly interface, then render them as high resolution videos in just a few clicks.

You don`t need a powerful computer or any 3rd party apps, SVGator will process all the renders in the cloud.

With SVGator you can export a variety of video formats: MP4, AVI, MOV, WebM, and MKV.

convert animated SVG to videoconvert animated SVG to video

Transparent Video Animation

Overlay transparent videos

With SVGator you can export clean transparent video animations that you can overlay on footage in your more advanced video projects.

Forget about complex techniques to remove the background in your video.
Create your own transparent assets!

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SVG to Video Converter

Check out some of our exported videos

SVG video export is one of SVGator’s latest features.
Have a look at these videos converted right from SVG animations:

How to convert SVG animation to video

Create video from vector

Create & animate

Create your SVG animation in SVGator’s interface: draw your elements, use ready-made assets, and set up keyframes on a timeline.

Animate vector for video

Video settings

Go to the Export panel, choose a video format and set the quality, size, speed, and the number of iterations.

Online video creator

Cloud rendering

Hit the export button and your SVG video will be rendered and stored in the cloud, ready to be used anytime you want.

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Can I add an SVG animation to a video?

SVG and video formats are very different, so it is not possible to add an SVG animation directly to a video. However, if you choose SVGator, you can easily convert SVG video to MP4 or MOV (with transparency), and you’ll no longer need to use a screen recorder for that matter.


How can I make transparent background animation?

Set your project background to transparent, export your animation as MOV or WEBM, and make sure you have the transparency option checked.


What video format should I use?

Use mp4 for the web and social media, because it has the best quality and file size ratio. If you want to have the best quality, choose MOV or MKV, but size can get big with these. For transparent video animation WebM and MOV formats are ideal.

Turn animated SVG to video in no time!

Our SVG to video export option is just one click away.Create your project today and export the format you need for your animation projects!

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