svg animation

Easy-to-Use SVG Path Animation Generator

SVGator is an online SVG animation software that doesn’t require any coding skills.

Plans starting from Annual $12/mo or Monthly $18/mo

Animate stroke paths and create self-drawing or self-erasing effects in just a few clicks

The best thing in SVGator is that there is no steep learning curve, downloadable software or plug-ins. You can create a Path based animation online within minutes, without any coding skills.


User-friendly interface for CSS properties

Use the Dashes and Offset inputs to create dashes on the stroke and move them along the path.

How the path animator works

Self-drawing line

Set an offset animation between the value of the path's length and 0. Using the negative value of the length will change the line's direction.

Self-drawing & erase

Set an offset animation using the negative and the positive value of the path's length.

Animate dashes

Set different dasharray values using the Dashes inputs, then move them along the path using the offset.

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