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Create an SVG path animation in an intuitive interface and bring your design to life within seconds. Start animating SVG paths using SVGator!

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Animate SVG paths with just a few clicks

Animate SVG paths with the most advanced tool for stroke-path animations! SVGator’s intuitive interface will bring your SVG to the next level with advanced line animations, self-drawing effects, and more.

SVGator is an online animation tool packed with a wide range of incredibly useful animation features, an easy-to-use drag and drop interface, and a variety of interactive export options.

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Use line animation for handwriting effects

Using line animation for handwriting effects is easier than ever. Forget about writing code! Simply control the Offset and Dashes properties right in the interface, and see a real-time preview of your line animation.

Create captivating line animations in record time, and say goodbye to coding. Give your design a competitive edge with pixel-perfect line animations!

Create SVG path animation with dashed lines

Create SVG path animations with dashed lines using SVGator’s Stroke offset and Stroke dasharray animators. Our tool simplifies the path animation process by giving you control over the stroke-dasharray and stroke-dashoffset CSS properties directly in the interface.

Experiment with different dasharray values to make a dashed line, and move the line along its path with the Offset animator. For example, the marching ants animation is a popular effect that consists of moving dotted or dashed lines.

Make self-drawing & erasing SVG line animations

Combine self-drawing and self-erasing SVG line animation effects by using multiples of the path’s value for the Offset animator.

Our time-saving SVG path animation generator gives endless possibilities to creative path drawing animations, from simple animated strokes to refined line art.

Design interactive SVG path animations

Design interactive SVG path animations by choosing to start your line animation on mouse-over or on click, and decide whether to loop or repeat once.

Your fun and dazzling SVG line animations will make any site look unique and feel engaging. Use path animation for logos, icons, signatures, and other illustrations in order to create eye-catching animations.

Export path animations using CSS or JavaScript

Export path animations using CSS or JavaScript and SVGator generates a single animated SVG file that’s ready to be implemented. The animation will work seamlessly in all major browsers. For interactive animations, simply select JavaScript instead of CSS.

SVGator revolutionizes the way you animate SVG lines by not requiring any coding skills. It provides all the tools you need to create amazing animations All you need to do is select the desired animation type. You can focus on your animation — we’ll take care of the rest.

path animation

Save time with SVGator’s path animation generator

The SVG path animation generator is a time-efficient alternative to writing CSS lines in the usual way, which can be quite time-consuming. If you’re looking for control over stroke-dasharray and stroke-dashoffset, you’ve just found the perfect tool.

Push your creativity to the limit and use our animation generator to deliver high-quality animations in no time!

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