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SVG Path Animation Generator Tool

No coding skills required! Simply import your SVG and start animating lines.

path animation

Animate lines and create self-drawing effects 

in just a few clicks

The best thing in SVGator is that there is no steep learning curve, downloadable software, or plug-in. 

You can create an SVG path animation online, within minutes, without any coding skills.

How to animate an SVG path with SVGator

A user-friendly tool for stunning line animations

Self-drawing path animation

Set an offset animation between the value of the SVG path's length and 0, then hide the path by adding its length as value for the stroke dashes animator.

The Stroke offset and Stroke dashes animators will create and move the dashes along an SVG path, resulting in a self-drawing line animation

Self-drawing & erasing animation

Create a combination of self-drawing and self-erasing animations by using multiples of the path’s value for the offset animator.

Animate dashes

Feel free to experiment with different dasharray values to create a dashed line and move the line along its path with the offset animator.

Export CSS as the animation type

SVGator simplifies the way you animate SVG by not requiring any coding skills. You can work in a friendly interface while it generates a single animated SVG file with CSS as the animation type.

The line animation will work seamlessly in all major browsers. For interactive animations, you can also select JavaScript instead of CSS.

Make your SVG interactive by choosing to start the animation on mouse-over or on click. Decide whether to loop or repeat once the animation.

SVGator exports a single file, so it’s easy to add it to your website!

Create interactive path animations