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SVG Path Animation Generator Online

Drag and drop interface for SVG line animations — no coding skills required!

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Animate SVG paths in just a few clicks

SVGator is the most advanced tool for stroke-path animations. The intuitive interface will bring your SVG to the next level with advanced line animations, self-drawing effects, and many more features. 

It’s an online animation tool packed with a wide range of incredibly useful animation options, an easy-to-use drag and drop interface, and interactive export options.

Line animation for handwriting effects

Handwriting effects aren't complicated anymore. Forget about writing code; simply control the Offset and Dashes properties right in the interface, and see a real-time preview of your line animation. 

Say goodbye to coding and create captivating line animations in record time. Give your design a competitive edge with pixel-perfect line animations!

SVG path animation with dashed lines

Stroke-dasharray and stroke-dashoffset CSS properties are great for creating SVG path animations using a dashed line. SVGator simplifies the path animation process using Stroke offset and Stroke dasharray animators.

Experiment with different dasharray values to make a dashed line, and move the line along its path with the Offset animator. For example, the marching ants animation is a popular effect that consists of moving dotted or dashed lines.

Self-drawing & erasing SVG line animation

You can also make a combination of self-drawing and self-erasing animations by using multiples of the path’s value for the offset animator. 

Our time-saving SVG path animation generator gives endless possibilities to creative path drawing animations, from simple animated strokes to refined line art. 

Create interactive SVG path animations