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The online SVG animation tool that doesn't require any coding skills

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Vector animation made easy for designers like you

With SVGator's familiar interface it's easy to turn ideas into high-quality and resolution-independent animations.

"One of SVGator's strongest advantage is that it's very beginner-friendly. Anyone can start using it, and the learning curve is close to none."

The fastest way to animate SVG

There's no steep learning curve, downloadable software or plug-in, just a powerful tool right at your fingertips that you can use online anytime you want.

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Familiar workflow

Use keyframes on the timeline to set up animations for the elements you choose and drag them if you want to adjust the timing.

Make it

Let website visitors interact with your SVG by animating it on mouse over. You can find more export options in the settings panel.

Export a single animated SVG file with clean CSS code

This makes it easy to replace other animated formats on your website, to improve page load times and to provide crystal clear animations on any device.

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SVGator automatically generates optimized CSS code for all major browsers.

Animate stroke paths in just a few clicks

A super simple Path animator with inputs for the Offset and Dasharray properties. Learn more

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