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Animate SVG easily. Import, animate and export

We thought it would be cool to have an online SVG animator

Animate now

7-day free trial

No coding skills required

Animated SVG for unique online experiences


Viewable and editable automatically

generated SVG code

Exporting SVG

Import, animate and export

ready-to-use SVG format

Animation presets

Select and add animations

to your vectors

Way better than GIF


Think about quality, scalability, size and user-experience. SVG animations outrun the GIF format in any of these categories. How?


SVG animations are next to replace other animated formats like GIFs by being smaller in file size, improving page load times, and providing quality without any scale limitation.



Why SVGator?


•  It’s a faster and easier way to animate SVG

•  It comes with a user-friendly interface

•  Exports a single ready-to-use SVG file

How it works


Import, animate and export. That’s all.


SVGator has been created for anyone interested in SVG animation, even non-technical users. You can create SVG animations by setting up keyframes or just by applying animation presets.


If you feel like using your coding skills, we’ve added a code manager for you, where you can view and further edit the automatically generated code.

Give it a try!

Discover the online SVG animation tool for free


7-day free trial

7-day free trial

7-day free trial

7-day free trial

7-day free trial

7-day free trial

7-day free trial