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Easily create motion graphics online with SVGator! Discover our friendly and intuitive animation tool, and start making captivating motion graphics that drive action.

Use a powerful motion graphics animation software

web animation online

Easy to use and intuitive interface

Use an intuitive motion graphics software with drag and drop interface and a keyframe-based animator. Find all the tools you need to make motion graphics in a single place.

Free web animation software

Fast cloud rendering

Create motion graphics anytime and anywhere with a browser based software: all the processing is done in our cloud so you will always have access to your files

interactive web animation

Advanced tools and interactive animation

Spice up your motion graphics with advanced animators such as morphing. clipping masks, and path animation. Set your vector animation to start on load, on click, or on hover.

Motion graphics examples
made with SVGator

Get inspired by these amazing motion graphics created by our constantly-growing community.

SVGator has contributed to thousands of successful animation projects and continues its mission to encourage the extensive use of SVG.

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Animated hue-colored photo camera
Animated ecommerce anthropomorphic characters running
Surrealist motion graphics elements
Chess piece on a table
Hovering blue diamond gem
Animated cat with glasses using a laptop
Animated handwriting effect
3D motion graphic of a trapped mosquito

Use a fast motion graphics maker to stand out

Bring more conversion with engaging motion graphics across various platforms: blog, website, apps, social media, and more. Make motion graphics videos online in a snap, with advanced animations and custom easings.

Draw and animate from scratch, or import a ready made file and transform it to captivating motion graphics in a few simple steps. Speed up your design process with the assets library and turn your elements into assets anytime.

Create engaging motion graphics that convert users

Tell a captivating story with motion graphics videos

Create motion graphics videos that drive action: tell your story, present your product, describe a process, and make your social posts stand out with eye-catching artwork. Get high quality videos up to 4k resolution and 60 FPS, everything rendered in the cloud.

You are also free to set the iteration and speed of your video, furthermore you can use transparency for MOV and WEBM video formats. Export your motion graphics to MP4, AVI, MOV, WebM, and MKV.

Discover the available video formats for your motion graphics

Create infinitely scalable motion graphics

Choose SVG for your web projects and you can make sure that your motion graphics will look good on any screen, while preserving your page's loading speed. These future-proof and lightweight motion graphics make your content pop with smooth and clear transitions.

SVG motion graphics also support interactivity, so that you can choose what happens on hover, click, scroll and mouse out. SVGator exports a single SVG file ready to use and implement to your website, or even to your mobile apps.

Create fast and scalable motion graphics for every type of device

How to make motion graphics using SVGator?

Create graphics for web animation

1. Draw your design

Draw your design from scratch or import your existing SVG file.

Animate web graphics with keyframes

2. Create a motion graphic

Create a motion graphic by setting up keyframes on a timeline and using advanced animators.

Export animations for websites

3. Export your motion graphic

Export your motion graphic in the image format you need for your project and implement it.

"Tested SVGator without any animation production experience. Glad I was introduced to it! It sparked my interest for motion design."

P. - SLashSchool Student



What are motion graphics animations?

Motion graphics animations are digital visuals created through the combination of graphic design, animation, and sound. They are visually compelling and engaging graphic designs that can effectively communicate complex concepts in an engaging and memorable manner.


Where can I use motion graphics?

Motion graphics can be used across a wide range of digital mediums: on websites, landing pages, blog posts, social media, ads, presentations, emails, mobile applications, and other marketing campaigns to enhance user engagement and convey information effectively.


Is motion graphics 2D or 3D?

Motion graphics can be either 2D or 3D, depending on the design and animation techniques used to create them. Traditional motion graphics are usually 2D using flat images and shapes. 3D motion graphics utilize three-dimensional objects to create depth and realism in the animations.


Why should I use motion graphics?

You should use motion graphics instead of static images because they offer numerous benefits: they are visually captivating, make your content more engaging and memorable. They help convey complex ideas in a concise manner and they are highly shareable on social media platforms.

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Begin your motion graphics journey today with an effortless learning curve! Transform your designs into dynamic and interactive motion graphics instantly and access your work whenever creativity strikes.

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