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Use SVGator’s online vector animation software to create your own animated vector graphics. Discover our user-friendly interface, no coding skills required!

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Animate your vector graphics

Vector animation online

Intuitive and efficient interface

SVGator is a thoughtfully designed animation software that will let you animate your vector graphics easily. It was created by design professionals who know exactly what a designer needs in a tool.

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Vector animation without coding

Create vector animations while the code is automatically generated in the background. Set up keyframes on a timeline and export a single SVG file ready to implement to your website or app.

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Advanced tools and interactive animation

Use advanced animators such as morphing, clipping masks, path animation & more. Set your vector animation to start on load, on click, or on hover.

Vector animations made with SVGator

Get inspired by amazing vector artworks created by our constantly-growing community.

SVGator has contributed to thousands of successful design projects and continues its mission to encourage the extensive use of SVG.

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The ultimate vector animation software

Finally, a vector animation software anyone can use! Packed with all the tools you need, it makes it easy to turn your vector art into super-smooth and lightweight animations. Gone are the days when it took a lot of time to animate vector images — now you can do it with a few clicks, whenever and wherever inspiration strikes.

Stand out with engaging and interactive vector animations, and say goodbye to complicated coding. Use an advanced online vector editor that is always one click away.

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Animate vectors within minutes

Explore the ultimate free vector software and blow your viewers away with gorgeous vector animations. Create and animate in one place, then export exactly the file you need for your website or mobile app. There is no need for third party apps or plugins, unlike other animation programs!

Take advantage of SVGator’s library, where you can find a huge number of ready-made assets. You can also save your animation as an asset and use it in future projects.

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The benefits of vector graphics

Compared to raster images, vector graphics are scalable, resolution independent, lightweight files that will make your website load faster and look more professional.

With their animation and interactive capabilities, vector images also outperform their raster competitor, GIF. Using vector animations, you can be sure that your graphics will not only be infinitely scalable, but also future-proof.

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How to animate vector graphics

Create vector graphics

Create the vector art

Draw your vector art in SVGator’s user-friendly interface or import your existing SVG file.

Animate a vector image

Animate the vector image

Animate the vector image by setting up keyframes on a timeline. No coding skills required!

Online vector creator

Export the animation

Export the animation after setting the easing and the speed.

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"I was looking for a way to animate vector graphics. As a creative person, my brain works more in images, rather than in code. SVGator opened new animation possibilities for me!"

J. K. - Creative Artist



What is vector animation?

Vector animation is a type of animation where the motion is controlled by vectors instead of pixels. It provides infinitely scalable, smooth and clear transitions, therefore it is the perfect animation for website and mobile apps. Vector animation uses mathematical values to display images, so that they will look on any device.


Why should I use vector animation software?

You should use vector animation software like SVGator, because you can create your animation from start to finish, and you will get a ready-to-use file. Thus, you won’t need any third party apps for implementation and your vector animation will work the same in your website and mobile app.


What types of vector animations can I create with SVGator?

SVGator lets you create vector animations for your website or mobile app: logos, icons, characters, backgrounds, web illustrations, loaders, and other animations. Interactive and lightweight animations are assured.


How can I implement a vector animation on a website or app?

To implement a vector animation on a website, export the file and use the <img> or <object> tags, as for other regular image files. For mobile apps, add the webview module to your framework and copy the SVG file into your project. You can also add SVGator's own single player module.

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The most advanced animators are right at your fingertips. Start your project now and stand out with engaging and interactive vector animations!

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