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About us

Our mission is to encourage the extensive use of SVG animations on the web.

At the heart of SVGator is a team that is, and always will be, passionate about designing and producing unique, high-quality, and unforgettable animations. 

We believe that all designers and developers should have a tool to turn to when they want to bring stories, brands, illustrations, icons, and logos to life.


The beginning of our journey

The need

One day back in 2017, we were close to releasing a new website design for a completely different service, when we realized three things. First, we should completely forget about using PNG and GIF on a website. Second, animating SVG is a time-consuming and technical task for most designers. Third, having our front-end developers work with our designers to create animations isn’t the most efficient way to use our resources.

The idea

In fact, we just needed a quick solution that would allow our designers to animate SVG without any coding skills, using a single animated SVG file that could be easily added to a website. We thought it would be amazing to have a tool for that online.

SVGator was released on October 12, 2017. The immense enthusiasm from the designer community has encouraged us to continue our work ever since.


Continuous development


Our release was followed by five updates in 2018. It was a year full of testing, researching, and optimising. We reached 30,000 users in April 2018 and steadily grew each month.


Advanced features

SVGator 2.0

Our early success was followed by a complete remake in 2019 to include SVG animation with JavaScript. SVGator 2.0 comes with a completely new interface that allows more control over the animations and includes advanced animators, custom easing functions, and interactive export options.


New plans, more features

This was a year of constant improvement and the introduction of a new freemium plan. In order to encourage the extensive use of SVG animations, we added a free plan that allowed designers to try all the features and export a few projects per month with the basic animators. The plan was perfect for those who needed only a few simple animations occasionally, or wanted to test the app before they bought a plan. 

 The interactive export options were significantly improved, giving control over what happens on scroll, at second click and at mouse out.


Major update

SVGator 3.0

After many years of hard work, we reached an important milestone in SVGator’s history. The app had become not only a powerful animation tool, but a new home for the entire creative process. 

 Published on 12th May, SVGator 3.0 was a groundbreaking update that came with a fresh look, new features and a precise SVG creator that let users create their SVG files from start to finish. 

Starting from this turning point, there was no need for any other design tools, as users could create their illustration from scratch in SVGator’s new editor and animate it afterwards. The update also came with some other minor changes like collapsible and scalable sections, more efficient Preview and Export options.

Mobile export

The year of 2021 also brought a huge time-saver feature for developers: a cross-platform export for native apps (Native React and Flutter). This made it super easy to create and implement mobile app animations without plugins or any 3rd party apps, retaining the same quality and performance as on the web.

Save to library

Another exciting new feature was also created this year, namely the Save to Library option that lets you re-use your already existing static or animated designs in future projects. Other small improvements also took place and the story goes on with new exciting plans for next year!


New export options

Based on our users' requests, we've been working around the clock to bring more complex, yet exciting export options, such as video export, including MP4, AVI, MKV, MOV & WebM, the last two also supporting full and semi transparency. Beside the video formats, we also extended our export list to image formats: GIF, Animated PNG, WebP and Image sequence.

All these widely supported animated formats covers a larger area of our users needs, by offering the possibility to create animated stickers, social media and newsletter animations, video assets and more.



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