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Power up your ecommerce website design

ecommerce website design

Create animations that sell with a friendly online tool! Boost engagement and conversion with animated ecommerce icons and other interactive elements. 

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FREE ecommerce icon pack

Download a free ecommerce icon pack and start animating your SVG right away!

Give your ecommerce website design a competitive edge with animated elements that will guide your visitors through the purchase journey.

More premade animated assets ready to export

Customize to your brand

Choose SVGator’s Pro Plan, where you will find a whole library of premade assets that you can customize and export in just a few clicks.

Save time

Get ahead of the curve in the ecommerce design industry with unique sales animations and icons!


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Enhance your ecommerce website design with animations

Familiar interface, zero coding

Advanced animators one click away 

Interactive export options

Create stunning ecommerce design on an intuitive interface and animate your vectors without writing a single line of code!

Get the most advanced animators: morphing, clipping masks, filter, and path animation are just a few of the versatile tools.

Set your animation to start on load, on hover, or on click before exporting it. Choose Javascript or CSS as the animation type. 

Projects made with SVGator

Get inspired by amazing vector artworks created by our constantly-growing community.

SVGator has contributed to thousands of successful design projects and continues its mission to encourage the extensive use of SVG.

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ecommerce free icon pack

Bring life to any ecommerce design

Tired of searching for sales animations that actually match your brand? Create and customize your own unique elements and animate them easily while the code is automatically generated in the background. You can simply choose an animator and set up keyframes on your timeline in order to create the animations.

Explore the Assets library, where you can find many static and animated elements. You can also save your own animations to the library and use them in future projects.

Export for web and mobile apps

Create scalable animations for your website or mobile apps and export the file you need in just a few clicks.

Get a ready-to-implement SVG animation for the two most popular frameworks, React Native and Flutter.

Use SVGator’s own external player to get better performance if you have more than one animation. Add motion to UI elements more easily than ever!

react native or flutter design animations

How do I create sales animations?


Draw your object from scratch, or import your own elements (for example, the downloaded free ecommerce icon set). You can also choose the animated assets from your library. Edit, change, and customize your elements. 


Animate your sales animations by setting up keyframes on your timeline, then set easing and speed. In the case of animated assets you can skip this step, or you can add more website animation effects.


Check your work in preview and export a single SVG file for ecommerce web design purposes, or choose the mobile-compatible formats in order to implement it in React Native or Flutter frameworks. 

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"SVGator allowed me to animate a number of SVGs and export it out as a singular SVG file. I then handed off the file to a client to upload via the eCommerce CMS. Easy as that!"

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What makes a good ecommerce website design?

The best ecommerce website design is the one that convinces the visitors to make a purchase. Sales animations are a great way to catch their attention and guide them through the page, making sure that they reach the desired goal. Animated ecommerce icons evoke stronger emotions than static ones and invite the visitor to be a part of the experience.



What sales animations can I find in the Assets library?

The animated Assets library provides all the sales animation you need for your ecommerce application design: free ecommerce icon sets, animated shopping carts, discount tags, animated credit cards, and many other animated presets. If you choose the Pro Plan, you will get full access to all of these assets, and you can customize and reuse them as many times as you want.


Why should I use SVG instead of other image formats?

SVG is a vector format, so it is infinitely scalable, resolution independent, and smaller in file size than GIF or other formats. Your sales animations will look good on different devices, and the SVG exported from SVGator will be super easy to implement. Another major advantage is that SVG supports interactivity.

Join the future of ecommerce design

Catch your visitors' attention with stunning animations that will make your ecommerce application design flawless and clever. Forget about plugins and create the way you’ve always wanted!

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