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Attaching creativity to math

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Create Lottie AnimationComing Soon

Simplified workflow for a complete animation process

Intuitive design and animation tool right in your browser.

Import Lottie JSON or SVG files, or design from scratch

Import or create

Import a Lottie JSON or an SVG, or simply design everything from scratch.

Animate any element using keyframes


Animate any element using keyframes and easing functions.

Export your Lottie animation as JSON

Export Lottie

Export your Lottie animation as a lightweight JSON file, right away.

Ladybug sitting on a finger then flying away
Set of 3 animated messaging icons
Animated Sniff logo
Animated sushi roll with a hearth-shaped filling
Animated character with an afro haircut
Character trapped in a box that changes shapes
Animated bouncing cake with a cherry on top
Red pixel hearth pulsating

Before the release,

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Picture of Kike Rodriguez Lopez
After more than 100 animations made with SVGator it seems to me to be the best tool to animate for the web, if it could be exported in lottie format it would have no rival.
Kike Rodriguez Lopez
Web Designer
Picture of Ilya Tsuprun
I've been a dedicated SVGator user for years and am genuinely excited about the upcoming feature that supports Lottie export. This integration will streamline my workflow and enhance the potential for creating engaging user experiences.
Ilya Tsuprun
Product Designer
Picture of Samantha Richardson
Lottie support would be a big deal coming from SVGator! It has been my secret tool for elevating websites with lightweight and responsive motion. The interface is intuitive and the magic happens all in my browser. I'm in love!
Samantha Richardson
Brand designer

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Letter flying towards a mailbox and landing inside it