At this point, you may be wondering how you can differentiate your brand through an animated logo. Fear not — we're here to help! Stick with us to find out more about how to bring your brand to life with logo animation.

According to a survey by Website Planet, 57% of small business owners are willing to allot $500 of their budget to their company logo alone. This goes to show that businesses are aware that a logo can boost their brand and help them stand out from the competition. With technology moving at a fast pace, animated logos are part of the future.

To make logo animations truly future-proof, both designers and developers now gravitate toward the SVG file format. Both static and animated SVG files are, by definition, infinitely scalable, resolution-independent, and lightweight. A logo animation in SVG format can be a versatile branding asset across the board, without risking a dip in your website or mobile app’s performance.

Here are 8 reasons why you should let go of your static logo and shift to an animated logo.  

1. Animated Logos Grab People’s Attention

A 2020 research summary from Daily Blogging revealed that 30% of customers in the United States look at the logo first when they see a product. You can increase this percentage even more, if you use an animated logo instead of a static one.

Movement gets attention, and when you see animated logos on websites, aren’t you hooked and interested to know more about the brand? Even though the brand can buy a domain name that's catchy or use engaging content on the website, an appealing visual is still a must.

As you can see, people are so used to familiar logos that they rarely pay more than a few seconds’ attention to a new one. More so if your logo is as plain as this dress forms shop’s.

Whether you are using a logo animation on your website, your Social Media channels, or even to spice up those free Power Point templates you are using for your pitch deck, animated logos will surely get you the attention you deserve.

2. An Animated Logo Makes for Better Storytelling

Videos are an effective tool for brand storytelling, and so are animated logos. It may be easy to grab people’s attention, but keeping them hooked can be harder. Whether you're placing your brand logo on your website, social media profiles, or client presentations, it’s important for people to remember you. Animated logos will easily become a part of your marketing automations since you can integrate them on different channels and for different purposes.

Through an animated logo, you can convey a message to your viewers and potential customers — and hopefully, make them come back for more. It’s like an overall narrative to your products and services, or whatever story you’re trying to tell — , etc. Consumers are also watching more video content online, so having an animated logo can be a game-changer for your brand.

3. Animated Logos Evoke Emotions

When you watch a video, how do you usually feel? Surprised, joyful, excited, awed, intrigued, or a mix of emotions? You might feel any of these. The videos are edited and prepared in such a way that they become very engaging and captivate your attention. The same is true for animated logos; when you have good storytelling, you can evoke your customers’ emotions.

When people feel something about your brand, they’ll be more connected to you and easily remember you. After all, a business is all about relationships, and genuine relationships can be fostered through an emotional connection. This idea should lie in the roots of your business formation to ensure a better understanding of who your services and products are designed for. The key is to evoke emotions, not just presenting emotions to your viewers but also creating a nostalgic feeling to make them come back to your brand and eventually become loyal customers. This is also recommended by some of the best BPO companies. Business is all about satisfying people's needs. But how can you satisfy anybody if your visuals are not appealing?

4. An Animated Logo Encourages Engagement

Now that you’ve told a good story and gotten an emotional response from your readers, what’s next? To realize your brand’s full potential, you need to up your engagement. You have to get people talking about your brand and participating in whatever you have to offer.

When was the last time a simple, static logo caused a stir on social media? Well, there may be certain times, but it doesn’t happen often. Animated logos are a different breed. You can stir up your engagement if you manage to find the right design and animation style for your brand. Just make sure your logo is interactive to improve your customers’ overall shopping journey.

5. Animated Logos Are More Original

In a world full of competition, everyone wants to be original, but not everyone knows how. Similarly, you can collect all the best logo designs on the internet but still have difficulty finding the one that stands out. Whether you're trying to promote your screen recording app, SaaS platform, or a  or a Shopify store, an animated logo can do a lot of job for promotion.

An animated logo is one way for you to keep ahead of your competitors. Everyone has seen a static logo, but only a few have viewed a good animated logo. If you want to be original and create an eye-catching animated logo, first consider the colors and style.

According to a study by Venngage, almost half of Fortune 500 companies incorporate blue in their logos. It might seem like the trend, but you can choose the least popular colors to be unique. Instead of using blue, black, or red (which are widely used by companies), you can have metallic gold, brown, or purple. Just make sure the logo colors align with your brand identity and look good when animated.

6. An Animated Logo Increases Brand Awareness

Why spend a dime increasing your brand awareness through paid ad campaigns when you can do it through an animated logo? They are more recognizable and memorable than static logos, especially if you know about brand identity guidelines. Customers may need more interactions with a static logo to remember your brand, but the recognition happens instantly with an animated logo.

For instance, MTV is one of the most popular brands because of its early use of an animated logo. Who could forget their short logo clips and the  “man on the moon” logo sequence? To this day, people still remember MTV’s iconic logo and associate it with the company’s anti-establishment attitude.

animated logos brand awareness

7. Animated Logos Are Cost-Effective

Logos can be expensive. Depending on how complicated the design or how big your company is, your logo can easily set you back a couple of hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars.

The best thing about animated logos is that they’re more cost-effective because you can do them yourself. With logo animation software available online, you can easily design your next iconic logo.

8. Animated Logos Can Be Interactive

Turning your logo into an interactive SVG animation allows you to truly explore the multifaceted nature of an animated logo. There are infinite opportunities to increase brand recognition that stem from adding interactivity settings into the mix. Transition from a static to animated logo on click, use it as a mobile app splash screen triggered on load, or have customers interact with your animated mascot logo with hover effects. Logo animations can help you establish your brand identity in countless ways!

Hover the image below to start the animation!

Now It's Your Turn to Create an Animated Logo for Your Business

With all the benefits that an animated logo brings, it’s easy to see why animation should be the next step for your brand.

Wondering how to become an animated logo designer? You can start by creating your portfolio, then research the art and design careers salary ranges. Next, you have to create an attractive CV.  If you had been searching for resume writing services online you can read this TopResume review.

To create an attention-grabbing animated logo, you can follow these steps:

  • Prepare the logo file — a vector format is preferable
  • Import the logo into SVGator
  • Edit, layer, and apply animations to your media files
  • Use keyframes and shape layers for your animation
  • Adjust your animation timing
  • Export your animated logo
  • Refer to some animated logo tips and examples for inspiration