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Create SVG for Free in Minutes

Draw SVG easily and intuitively with a free SVG maker that runs smoothly in all browsers. Find all the tools you need to create SVG files from start to finish in one place.

create svg

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Built for striking results

create svg
create svg
create svg

Made by designers like you

Fast editing options, less clicks

Easy and flexible shape creation

A thoughtfully designed SVG creator tailored to your professional needs. Discover the most efficient and intuitive interface that will maximise your design potential.

Create perfect straight lines and proportional rectangles, circles, polygons or stars with ease. 

Edit compound shapes and custom paths effortlessly.

Get started with the Pen tool and work without any interruption.

You can always select and move node points or adjust bezier curves on the go.

Projects made with SVGator

Get inspired by amazing vector artworks created by our constantly-growing community. SVGator contributed to thousands of successful design projects and continues its mission to encourage the extensive use of SVG. 

create svg

A free SVG creator right at your fingertips

Whether you are a graphic or web designer, SVGator will always get your job done. Use this powerful SVG maker to turn basic shapes and lines into complex works of art. 

The best part in SVGator is that you can create and export an endless number of static svg files free of charge! No need for download, you can start to create SVG online whenever you want.

create svg
create svg

Fast and professional

create svg

Enjoy a familiar interface with a fresh look that works exactly the way you expect it. 

Invented, tested, and improved by graphic designers, SVGator provides the ultimate editor experience: faster node workflow, comprehensive graphic tools, professional grid system, smart guides, and snapping options - all integrated into an interface that allows more control over your workspace.

More than a simple SVG maker

Create SVG online easier than ever and benefit from the ever-growing assets library or upload your own custom elements. Get quick access to the clipping path and rest assured that the origin point of your object will stay where you put it. 

Try a pencil tool second to none that creates a significantly lower number of node points than other editors. Your exported file will be as light as a feather and also responsive by default, so It will perfectly fit into your website design right away.

How to make SVG files

Step 3

Export and show off your amazing illustrations! Your projects are always easily accessible, anywhere you are.

svg creator

Step 1

Draw SVG with the editing tools or jumpstart your project with custom shapes. Use anything from the assets library or upload your own elements.

svg creator

Step 2

Play with colors, gradients and filters, add masks, text or anything you want. You’ll have full creative freedom to bring your ideas to life!

svg creator

"It only takes a few minutes in SVGator to create something truly incredible that brings interest to a page. It's allowed me to take my designs to a whole new level!"

B. H. - Web Designer



Why should I use SVG instead of other image formats?

It is definitely worth creating an svg file instead of other raster formats because it is not only smaller in file size, but also infinitely scalable, resolution-independent, and future proof. You'll get a crystal clear vector graphic that looks good on different devices and improves the page load time as well.



What is SVG used for?

Literally for everything you need on your website or in your app. SVG is used for icons, logos, web illustrations, characters, backgrounds, infographics, and other vectorial graphics. Thanks to its countless benefits, SVG is becoming more and more popular.


How to add SVG files to my website?

Export the file from SVGator and add it to your website as any other regular image file: simply use the <img> or <object> tags and you're done. If you'd prefer to add it inline, you can drop the code right into an HTML block and the final result will be the same. It's that easy!

Time to showcase your talent

Experience the flexibility and freedom of SVGator across all devices and design great SVG web graphics whenever inspiration strikes. Use a free tool to create great work that sells!

create svg

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