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Create InteractiveSVG Animation Online

SVGator is the most advanced tool to create interactive SVG animations. Design your SVG, then set the animation to start on hover, on click, or on scroll into view!

interactive animation

Design interactive animations without coding

Turn passive viewers into active users by creating an engaging experience with interactive animations. You can easily let viewers trigger animated illustrations and icons by setting the SVG to start on hover, on click, or on scroll. 

You can also control what happens on the second click or on mouse out. Interactive SVG elements are not only fun, they significantly increase conversion rates and the average time spent on a page.

how to make hover animation

Enhance interactivity with hover animations

Use hover animation to highlight important elements on a page and enhance the website's interactivity in a playful way.

Guide viewers through the site and keep them engaged with amazing hover animations. You can also choose the event on mouse out: your interactive SVG can pause, reset, reverse or continue.





Animate SVG on scroll to boost engagement

If you set the SVG to animate on scroll, your animation will start only when it is visible in the viewport. The main advantage of this option is that you can avoid playing the animation before the user scrolls to it on the page.

Once the interactive SVG is out of the viewport, the animation will pause, and resume when scrolling back into view. Animate on scroll when you want to attract attention toward certain features.

interactive animation

Create on-click animations for a better UX

Let the user decide to take an action or not by setting the animation to start only on click. This gives the viewer more control over their experience.

Clickable elements may trigger new events such as scale, morph, self-draw and so on, making your SVG interactive. You can also set what happens on the second click: pause, restart, reverse, or continue the action.

start animation on click