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Squarespace and SVGator case study about using svg animations

“Both SVGator and Squarespace have an incredibly user-friendly interface that allows anyone to design without experience. But the combination of the two on a website is pure magic. I can’t wait to see more Squarespace websites using SVG animations created in SVGator.”

Brittany Hargis
Brittany Hargis
Web Designer & SEO Specialist
Case study about Asurion using SVGator as their animation tool

"I've been advocating for SVGator as our go-to tool for creating scalable vector animated assets on my team at Asurion for some time now, and it is exciting to see other designers pick up the tool as well. I’ve been noticing SVG animations start popping up in many of our digital products."

Ilya Tsuprun
Ilya Tsuprun
Principal Product Designer at Asurion
SVG animations from the LiveSwitch website created using SVGator

"I upgraded my SVGator plan to PRO! The support and thoroughness (diving into one of my own personal Wordpress sites to help solve a problem for me) really impressed and convinced me to switch to a yearly plan and stick with it. Keep up the amazing support! I have fallen in love with SVGator."

Alex J. Bell
Alex J. Bell
Principal Artist at LiveSwitch

Projects made with SVGator

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Rainbow animated preloader
2 animated girls skating
Interactive animated profile picture of a man with glasses
Preloader with anthropomorphic characters
Interactive toggle animation for day and night
Wind blowing the grass animation
Animated donut and cup characters
Animated day and night cycle with houses in the background
Animation of a guy stuck in a box that changes shapes on mouse click
Simple animated toggle buttons for night and day
SVG line animation made with SVGator
Apple character smiling in the light
Animated pencil loader
Animated yellow car moving
Sniff animated logo
Animated emoji using SVGator

Reviews from students

"Used this tool to give monotonous designs an extra touch of interest. Convinced that anyone giving SVGator a try will be sold on it simply by how fun and convenient it is."

SLashSchool Student

"Was totally absorbed by the process! SVGator makes it easy to create smooth loops, even for someone that’s brand new to animating vector graphics."

SLashSchool Student

"The range of my designs has increased significantly since I’ve started working with SVGator. Managed to create a hero section animation just by looking up SVGator tutorials and reference videos."

SLashSchool Student

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Animated cartoon high five hands