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Create Your Own Animated SVG Icons

All the tools you need to create animated SVG icons just like you’ve always wanted - quick and easy!

No coding, just stunning animations

You can focus on animating your icons while we generate the code for you, making it quick to export a single animated SVG file.

Advanced features like Morphing, Path or Filter animation included in a friendly interface along with interactive export options like animating the icon on click or on hover.

Entertain website visitors with animated loading icons

Tired of searching for a loading icon that you can use on your website and actually matches your brand? Create your own unique loading icon with SVGator!

You can create an icon completely from scratch just by using the elements from the My library. Generate smooth animations with our tools and set the loading icon on loop before the export. 

It’s really that easy!

We all have those social media icons on our websites, but it’s time to make them pop out. SVGator got them all for you in the My library, you just have to spice them up by adding some animation.

Make sure that your social media channels won’t go unnoticed by turning them into animated SVG icons. 

Social media icons are not boring anymore

The best thing about vector icons is that they will look cristal clear on any device and load very fast compared to other animated formats.

By turning them into animated vector icons with SVGator, you can highlight features on your website, point out your social media channels or simply increase the engagement rate by adding some interactivity!


Use vector icons for responsive websites