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Create Animated SVG Icons

SVGator has all the tools you need to create animated SVG icons more easily than ever! Power up your vector graphics with a user-friendly icon animator app.

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Animate your icons in seconds

Create interactive animated icons in no time

Use an intuitive interface with zero coding

Master advanced animators, minimal learning curve

Create interactive animated icons that boost your website’s engagement. Set your lightweight animations to start on load, on hover, or on click.

Use the tool’s intuitive interface

to create stunning SVG icons with a familiar graphic toolset. Animate the icons by setting up keyframes on a timeline and the code is generated automatically. Export a single SVG file.

Master the most advanced animators: morphing, clipping masks, filter, path animation and more. 100% beginner-friendly!

Animated Icons made with SVGator

Explore amazing animated vector iconography created by our constantly-growing community. SVGator has contributed to thousands of successful design projects and continues its mission to encourage the extensive use of SVG.

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The ultimate online icon animation tool

Use the ultimate browser-based icon animation tool to create incredibly unique and engaging SVG icons for your website or your mobile app. Create a static SVG icon with the help of a user-friendly graphic tool and animate the icon afterward, without writing a single line of code.

Why is SVGator the ultimate tool to animate icons? There’s no need to download anything; you can start right away in a powerful web app. Your animated icons will retain the same quality across web and mobile platforms - just the way you want!

The best animated icons are created with SVGator

Discover all the powerful tools for animated SVG icons right at your fingertips. Create self-drawing effects or morphing, combine clipping path with clipping mask, try color and filter animations, all while the code is automatically generated in the background. 

Set custom easing options, timing, interactivity, and file type at export. Web icon animation has never been so much fun!

Create better UX with a friendly interface

Create better user experiences and get ahead of the curve with animated SVG icons that are not only entertaining, but also have many benefits in terms of usability and accessibility.

Get viewers’ attention and increase the chances of interaction with clever micro-animations or conceal load times with engaging loading icons. Encourage users to follow you with animated social media icons, and guide them through the website or app with interactive custom icons.