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Create Flutter animations in just a few steps. Export ready-to-implement SVG animation for both Android and iOS!

A versatile Flutter SVG animation creator

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Cross-platform solutions

Get ahead of the curve with a Flutter animation tool that lets you animate with ease and is ideal for all iOS and Android versions.

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Work smarter, not harder

Rely on the most time-efficient method to get a single animated file. Set up animations on the timeline and export your animation to Flutter.

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Advanced Flutter animations

Create morphing, stroke-offset, masks, custom motion paths, and other advanced SVG animations for Flutter.

What you see is what you get

The best part is that you can be sure that your animation will look the same in your mobile app as it will on a website. There’s no need for third-party apps or plug-ins.

Export interactive SVG animations with the most powerful Flutter animation tool, which is always one click away from you. SVGator is an online app that allows you to create advanced Flutter animations that you can fully control programmatically using our Player API.

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Create, animate and integrate

Skip the time-consuming development process and get exactly what you need: advanced custom Flutter animation in a few minutes, ready to implement right away.

All you have to do is export your SVG, install Flutter webview, and embed your file.

Flutter SVG animation

Test how our animations work!

Download this demo file with a Flutter animation example and test it in your framework.

Download Demo.dart

Get the player and the Web View module for Flutter

Use SVG animations in flutter

Single player node module

Use SVGator’s own external player to achieve better performance.

Feel free to choose between embedded or single player modules, depending on your individual needs when exporting your Flutter SVG animations.

Flutter rocket animation example

Take advantage of our assets

Get things done faster with SVGator’s assets library, which makes it possible to jump right into the Flutter custom animation process. Simply choose an asset, import it to your canvas, and start to set up your keyframes on the timeline. Try the advanced animators, or create a simple Flutter animation within a few clicks.

You can also upload your own assets to the library, or save your new animation as an asset so that you can reuse it whenever you want. Select your animated element, right click, and save it to the library.

Awesome animation library templates

How to add your animation in Flutter apps

Export flutter animations easy

Export your animation

Choose Flutter as the framework and set player type along other animation options.

Flutter SVG file example

Install dependencies

Simply follow the instructions in the export window to install Webview and the SVGator Player.

Embed flutter animation

Embed your file

Embed your Flutter SVG animation into your application.

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How can I get my Flutter animation to my mobile app?

If you’re using SVGator, you no longer need to worry about using the same SVG animation in your application and on your website. The exported file works in the same way both on the web and in your app, retaining the same quality. Moreover, SVGator exports a file that is easily accessible to developers and designers.


Will my Flutter animation run on every mobile device?

Yes, of course! Your SVG animation will load on all Android and iOS versions. You can also make your animation interactive by choosing to play on tap instead of loading instantly. Create Flutter animated icons, logos, login screen illustrations and more, more easily than ever!


Will my animations run on offline devices?

Definitely! There is no internet connection required for your Flutter animation to load. Use clever and flawless animations that will work in every situation.

Create your awesome Flutter animation now

Rely on a Flutter animation tool that will always get your job done in a record time. Say goodbye to complicated coding, and make the products you love most.

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