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The Best SVG Animation Tool Online

Let your talent shine with the help of a professional SVG animation software that will always get your job done! Animate SVG more easily than ever without any coding skills, and export a single SVG file ready to use.

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Your SVG animation editor

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Smooth and lightweightSVG animations

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A thoughtfully designed SVG editor online that runs smoothly in all browsers. Packed with an intuitive interface, precise editing tools, and a versatile animator toolset.

Create vector animations from start to finish in a single SVG animation tool, and export a small-sized file that will look good on any screen without making your website heavy.

Add interactivity to your SVG animations before exporting your project: choose to start on click, on hover, or on scroll.

Choose Javascript or CSS as the animation type.

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Projects made with SVGator

Get inspired by amazing vector artworks created by our constantly-growing community. SVGator has contributed to thousands of successful design projects and continues its mission to encourage the extensive use of SVG.

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Discover an easily accessible SVG animation tool

SVG animation editor with rocket

Enjoy a super smooth online SVG animation software with familiar graphic editing tools and advanced animators. 

Create stunning vector graphics and unique animations without writing a single line of code. Speed up your workflow with a clean and friendly interface that lets you create everything from animated logos and icons to complex illustrations and sophisticated line animations. The learning curve is close to zero!

Try a totally free SVG editor online

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SVGator makes the creation process even easier by providing a full-featured online SVG editor. Thanks to this, you don't need any other tools to create your animated SVG file from start to finish. 

Use a precise pen tool, create proportional rectangles, circles, polygons, or stars, edit compound shapes, and take advantage of a constantly growing assets library. Animate your elements by choosing an animator and setting up keyframes on a timeline while the code is automatically generated in the background.