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Create custom website animations in less time on a friendly interface, without any coding skills.

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Get the ultimate keyframe-based web animation software. Animate illustrations, logos, icons, and more.

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While you create the design, SVGator generates the code. Export as SVG and you’ve got a ready-to-implement website animation.

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Interactive website animations

Set your web animations to start on click, on load, on scroll, or on hover, all with only one click at the SVG export panel.

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Work fast and easy with the ultimate animation toolkit right at your fingertips. Choose a ready-to-use asset from the library and customize it, draw and animate your design from scratch, or import your own files. Reach new levels of creativity in web animation with less effort.

Export your animation as a single animated SVG file. Select the CSS only option for the lightest file size possible, or choose the Java Script option for more advanced animations.

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SVG web animation is made uncomplicated with an online tool that unlocks a wide range of advanced animators. Create line animations with the Stroke Offset and Stroke Dash animators, play with clipping masks, and take your designs further with morphing.

Design cool website animations that are not only stunning, but super smooth and lightweight!

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Breathe life and motion into your static websites, and create a better user experience with scalable, interactive, and lightweight website animations. Get full programmatic control over your animations with our Player API.

Start your project wherever you want: there’s no need to download, no third-party apps or plugins!

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Create your own web animation project today, and improve your web design animation workflow

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How to make a web animation

Create graphics for web animation


Draw your project from scratch or import an existing SVG

Animate web graphics with keyframes


Choose an animator and set up keyframes on a timeline.

Export animations for websites


Choose the right export settings for your web animations

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How to add animation in a HTML page?

Export the web animation and add it to your website as you would any other image file. You can use the <img> or <object> tags, or you can also paste the code right into an HTML block, if you'd like to add it inline.


Why is SVGator the best web animation software?

With SVGator, you can be sure that what you see in preview is what you'll get on your website. There is no need for apps or libraries; you'll get a single SVG file ready to use.


Do animations slow down websites?

A well-optimized SVG web animation won't slow down your website. Unlike GIF or other formats, SVG is a lightweight file that will make your website load faster.

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Discover the next level of web animation and customize without limitations! Make your website stand out with better user experience and higher engagement.

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