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css loaders

CSS Loader Generator Online

Use SVGator’s CSS loader generator to create your own loading animations in no time. Easily create and animate your preloader in one place.

css loader

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Easily create CSS loaders

Friendly interface

Smooth SVG loading animations

No need for CSS skills

Find all the tools you need to create your CSS loader. Start with an efficient and intuitive SVG creator and continue with a versatile animator toolset that lets you create spinner animations in just a few clicks. 

You can be sure that your CSS loader will look good on any screen. Your SVG files will be infinitely scalable, resolution independent, and lightweight. Conceal load times with crisp animations that increase user satisfaction.

With SVGator, you can create loading animations easily by setting up animators and keyframes on a timeline. Export a single animated file, so it's easy to add it to your website.

css loader animation

Spinner examples made with SVGator

css loader animation
css loader animation

Get inspired by amazing CSS animations created by our constantly-growing community. SVGator has contributed to thousands of successful design projects and continues its mission to encourage the extensive use of SVG.

css loader animation
css loader animation
loader animation

Benefit from a no-code preloader generator

css loaders

Create unique CSS loader animations without writing a single line of code. Gone are the days when complex loading spinners took a lot of time to create in CSS. 

Now you can focus on what you're best at as you design, create, and animate your loaders in just a few clicks. You don’t even have to download anything - just use an online app to create and animate in no time!

Take advantage of creative loading animations

css loader

Save time and get ahead of the curve with captivating animations instead of the usual, boring preloaders.

Discover a better way to make creative loading spinners that will contribute to individuality and branding of any product or service. Turn your logo into a nice CSS loader, or create a whole new asset in record time. Get started immediately without a massive learning curve!

Effortlessly customize your CSS loading animation

css loader

Tired of searching for a CSS loading animation that you can use on your website and which actually matches your brand?

You’ll have endless creative possibilities in animating your preloader: play with colors, shapes and lines, or try advanced animators such as morph, filter, or path animation. Control timing, speed, and easing effects and your animation is automatically generated in CSS.

css loader
css loader

"Was impressed with how simple the tool made everything, including nailing those smooth infinite loops. No more endless adjustments after creating a loading animation! SVGator has made me much more efficient."

C. - SLash Student

How to create CSS loader animations using SVGator?

Create a static loader

Animate the loader

Export the file

Create or import a static loader. Play with colors, gradients, and filters, add masks, text, or anything you want.

Animate the loader with the help of animators, set up keyframes on your timeline, set easing and speed. No coding skills required!

Export a single SVG file that already contains your desired CSS animation and add it to your website.



Why use the SVG format instead of GIF for loading animations?

You should use the SVG format instead of GIF for loading animations, because SVG is smaller in file size than GIF, it is infinitely scalable, resolution independent, and future proof. SVG is a vector format, while GIF is a raster format which can look pixelated if it’s stretched larger. If you want to make sure that your loading CSS animation will look good on every display, choose SVG!


Why do I need a CSS loader animation?

You need a CSS loader animation in order to make users stay and wait until your page is loaded. A playful CSS loader ensures that the time perceived by the viewer seems to be shortened even when wait times are inevitable. Optimizing loading times might have some technical limitations, but a nice loader will distract and delight users, so that they won’t bounce from the page.


What makes an entertaining loading animation?

An entertaining loading animation catches the user's attention for long enough for the rest of the content to load. Show the production process of a product, tell a story, create a funny character, or display a countdown or a visually satisfying abstract spinner that looks cool and makes the visitor feel that the wait is worth it.


What are the main types of preloaders?

The main types of preloaders are: spinners, progress bars, and custom preloader animations. The most basic type is the classic spinning wheel, which is the easiest to create. The progress bar shows users how much time is left, while other custom CSS loaders can be animated logos, texts, funny characters, or other abstract loading animations.

Time to Create your own preloader now

Design great spinner animations that will keep your visitors engaged while server operations finish processing. Offer great user experience and maximize your design efforts!

css loader

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