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morphing animation

Create smooth shape animations with our easy-to-use online app. No coding skills required.

If it’s a path, it can morph

morph maker onlinesvg path morph

SVGator comes with a friendly interface, making it easy for everyone to animate shapes. features.

Just add the Morph animator to the timeline and select the Node tool to change the points’ position on a path, while adjusting the timing with keyframes on the timeline.

Your element isn’t a path? No worries, you can convert the element to a path in SVGator!

Looking for a demo?

Curious to learn more about how SVG morph animation works in SVGator? You can watch our tutorials here.

Export SVG with JavaScript as the animation type

Interactive morph animation options

What required hours of coding in the past, now is automatically generated while you work in a friendly interface. You can export a single file with JavaScript as the animation type.

Your animation will look good in all major browsers!

Trigger the morph animation on click

By exporting JavaScript as the animation type, you can also set the animation to start on click.

Interactive morph animations are the best way to make your illustration, logo or icons pop out!

Telling more with SVG animations

Morphing is one of the most advanced SVG animations out there. Use it combined with other powerful animators to explain product features, services, or even stories on your website, without making it heavy with GIF or video.

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