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logo animation

The Ultimate Logo Animation Maker

Power up any website with logo animations in no time!

Create and animate your logo easily and intuitively in one place, without writing a single line of code. 

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Animating logos is easier than ever

Create and animate your logo in one place

Friendly interface, zero coding

Advanced animators, interactive export options

Create an animated SVG logo from start to finish with a powerful online tool with almost no learning curve. Start from scratch in the editor, or import and animate your logo within minutes.

Discover an easy-to-use animated logo maker with an intuitive interface and all the tools you need to create SVG logo animations without any coding. You just need to set up keyframes on a timeline.

Explore the most amazing animators: play with clipping masks or try morphing, filter, and path animation. Set your logo animation to start on hover, scroll, or click.

Projects made with SVGator

Get inspired by amazing vector artworks created by our constantly-growing community. SVGator has contributed to thousands of successful design projects and continues its mission to encourage the extensive use of SVG.

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Logo animation made simple

Stay ahead of the game in a world where details matter: combine stunning designs with professional-grade logo animations to impress your viewers! Create future-proof animated logos that will increase brand awareness and hold users' attention.

SVGator is an online logo animation app that removes all the complicated parts of animated logo design and gives you easy access to the most advanced animators without the massive learning curve.

Intuitive interface with a fresh look

Enjoy a familiar and worry-free graphic interface that lets you create animated logos from start to finish. Draw a logo from scratch, or import your static SVG file and turn it into a crisp and memorable brand asset within minutes. 

Find the most advanced tools for logo animation right at your fingertips: rotate, scale, morph, filter, path, color, and many more animators are waiting for you to try. Animate your logo live and see changes immediately!

Interactive animated logos

Choose an animator, set keyframes on the timeline, and animate your logo the way you want on the canvas. Set easing functions and timing, then choose interactive export options to play on click, on scroll, or on hover.

Let your creativity flow: animate your emblems, logotypes, brand marks, and more while the code is automatically generated in the background. Work wherever and whenever inspiration strikes with a logo animation software that works seamlessly across all browsers!

How to animate a logo with SVGator


Start a new project by importing your static logo or creating it from scratch in the SVG editor.


Choose the desired animator and set up keyframes on your timeline, then set easing and speed. No coding skills required!


Check your work in preview and export a single SVG file that is ready to add it to your website.

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"What I like most about SVGator is that it is online and cloud-based. The interface is very simple, intuitive and friendly. Learning is not so difficult even because on the internet there are many tutorials that help with this."

Alexandre R. - Designer



Why is it worth it to create an animated SVG logo instead of other formats?

SVG is a vector format that is infinitely scalable, resolution independent, and speaks the language of the web. It is the right choice for logo animations because you'll get lightweight and crisp graphics that look good on different devices. You can also make them interactive by setting them to start on click, on scroll, or on hover.



What makes a good logo animation?

A good logo is unique, timeless, versatile, and simple yet remarkable. A good logo animation is even more than that: it’s unique, memorable, and makes a nice first impression while delivering better storytelling and higher brand awareness. Use smooth transitions and subtle movements in order to create catchy and attractive SVG logo animation.


How do I add animation logos to my website?

Export the logo animation from SVGator and add it to your website as any other image file: simply use the <img> or <object> tags, and it’s done. If you'd prefer to add it inline, you can paste the code right into an HTML block, and you will get the same result. It's that easy!

Unlock the creative potential in logo animation!

Let your design shine brighter with animated logos to make your first impression count! Animate SVG logos with a powerful app that will always get your job done!

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