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SVG Logo Animation Made Easy With SVGator

Online animated logo maker that doesn’t require any coding skills. Get started easily by importing a static SVG!

How to animate your logo with SVGator

Create unique animations

Select elements and add animators to the timeline

Export your logo animation

We will generate a single animated SVG for you

Import a static SVG

Start a new project by importing your static logo

Curious to learn more about how to animate SVG icons with SVGator? Check out our tutorials here.

Looking for a demo?

In an overly crowded marketplace your logo can help your company to stay memorable. Gain more attention by setting your logo animation to start on hover or click.

You can also choose between CSS or JavaScript as the animation type and we will generate the code once you are ready to export your logo.

Be memorable with interactive logos

SVGator is an online logo animation software that has been designed to simplify the way you create animated SVG.

The user-friendly interface will make it easy for you to create amazing effects for your company logo, such as Morph, Path or Filter animations.


Advanced features for unique animations

Professional logo animation on all devices

The best part about animated SVG logos is that they are high-quality and resolution independent. They will work and look the same on all devices while adding the element of originality and creativity to your website.