As we head into the merriest time of the year, there are only a few tasks left to maximize your holiday marketing efforts. Whether you’re a design professional working on stunning Christmas animations and illustrations or a marketer preparing the holiday campaign, this article will give you some last-minute Christmas ideas you can implement with the least effort.

As every tiny and overlooked design aspect can make a huge difference, small changes can work wonders for a brand. An impressive Christmas animation can make any website look more competitive and feel more current.

Below we’ve gathered some really easy and effective ways to spice up your website with some festive visuals — even at the last minute!

Table of Contents:

  1. Change your hero image to a Christmas animation
  2. Use an animated Christmas background
  3. Make an animated Christmas logo
  4. Create a nice animated Christmas GIF for the cuteness factor
  5. Greet your users with animated Christmas cards
  6. Delight with animated Christmas stickers
  7. Add a Christmas calendar to your website
  8. Christmas web buttons
  9. Animated Christmas newsletter
  10. Make animated Christmas icons
  11. Christmas Freebies
  12. Final thoughts

1. Change your hero image to a Christmas animation

Show your viewers that you value and appreciate them by wishing them Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in advance. Your homepage is the best place to greet them with a nice Christmas animation in the hero section.

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It is also the easiest way to set the festive mood without making significant changes to your website. It’s not too late to create your banner in a few simple steps, either by mixing a raster image with some animated elements or by making an animated vector graphic.

Animated Hero image for Christmas made by SVGator
Animated Hero Image - Made by SVGator

2. Use an animated Christmas background

If you would like to do more than just switch to a Christmas animation in the hero section, you can also create a lightweight, animated Christmas background in SVG format, and use it for the whole Christmas season.

Snowflakes, stars, or festive decorations would be perfect to achieve that sense of coziness without having to sacrifice fast load times. If you export your Christmas animation in SVG format and optimize your file, you can be sure that it will load as fast as before.

Animated background of a snowy town made by SVGator
Animated Snowy Background - Made by SVGator

In the last few years, you may have seen many brands Christmasifying their logos to feel more in the holiday spirit. You can bring this to a whole new level by creating a logo animation for Christmas. Turn your static SVG into a dynamic one, spiced up with some nice seasonal elements and subtle animation effects.

This is not a complete rebranding, just a fun way to spread some holiday cheer without making drastic changes to your website. Let’s take for example Google’s simple but effective redesign with lovely Christmas lights. Isn’t it nice?

Google's Animated Christmas logo
By Google
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4. Create a nice animated Christmas GIF for the cuteness factor

Grab your visitor’s attention instantly with a lovely or funny Christmas GIF, which they can also share on social media. The eternal battle of cats against Christmas trees seems an evergreen topic to illustrate. Still, you can also create an animated reindeer, Santa Claus, Grinch, or any other mascot your viewers would be happy to see.

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If you have an online store, you can even create a Christmas animation showing Santa Claus packaging and delivering your products. You can also consider utilizing professional AE resources, like After Effects templates, which help you create high-quality animations that spread the joy of Christmas.

Animated Christmas GIF with Santa drinking coffee near the Christmas tree
Animated Christmas GIF - Made by SVGator

5. Greet your users with animated Christmas cards

“Merry Christmas” is the most commonly used greeting, but it still never gets old. An environment-friendly option is to send an animated Christmas card instead of a regular one. Share your blessings with animated Merry Christmas wishes and win your users’ attention with personalized content.

A beautifully animated Christmas card will make your customers feel they matter, especially if it also includes a surprise gift, promo code, or giveaway.
Animated Christmas card with Rudolf enjoying hot chocolate
Animated Christmas Card with a Reindeer - Made by SVGator

6. Delight with animated Christmas stickers

Animated Christmas stickers provide an easy way for your users to engage with your brand. They can be uploaded to Giphy or other websites, shared on social media, added to newsletters, or decorated with other online content. If you want to leave a lasting impression this Christmas, animated stickers would be an excellent choice and easy to create.

Due to their shareable nature, they can be seen and used by thousands or even millions of users worldwide. It’s not even necessary to create a new sticker; now you can just turn your already existing cute little Christmas animations into stickers in no time.

Christmas-themed animated stickers - Made by Aldo Crusher
Christmas-themed animated stickers - Made by Aldo Crusher

7. Add a Christmas calendar to your website

Waiting for the merriest time of the year is always exciting, not only for children but also for adults. That's why the Christmas calendar trend has exploded in the last few years. Customers love them, especially if every door hides some surprise or discount.

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An animated Christmas calendar can be not only a fun and delightful visual experience but also a proven marketing tool that will let your business stand out during the peak of seasonal sales and offers. You can use it as a magnet that will keep your visitors coming back again and again.

Christmas Calendar animation
Animated Christmas Calendar - Made by SVGator

8. Christmas web buttons

Designing killer CTA buttons has a whole science behind it, and giving them a Christmas makeover can separate the good websites from the great ones. Make your user journeys unforgettable with some nice animated Christmas web buttons, or revamp your social media buttons.

Example of a Christmas-like web CTA animated button
Christmas-themed CTA button - Made by SVGator

9. Animated Christmas newsletter

Your Christmas animations can not only be used on your website and social media pages, but they are also great to add to your email. An animated Christmas newsletter can boost a marketing campaign’s success during the holiday season.

Whether you’re sending an email with lovely wishes or seasonal discounts and gift ideas, a Christmas animation would be more memorable than a boring static email, especially in this season when people’s inboxes are flooded with newsletters.

Animated Christmas newsletter
Animated Christmas newsletter example - Source

10. Make animated Christmas icons

Animated icons are always a good idea for boosting your website’s engagement, so why don’t you create some special ones for the Christmas season? Bells, a gingerbread man, a Christmas tree, candles, or sweets are just a few of the many Christmas animated icons you can create.

Do you need extra inspiration? Check our cool animated icons collection to jump-start your creative process.

Already have something in mind? Use SVGator to create your custom animated icon, no coding needed.

Christmas Freebies

If you don’t have time to create them from scratch, we have good news for you: We have prepared this freebie set you can download and use anywhere you want!

Animated Christmas Icons Set
Animated Christmas-themed Icons - Made by SVGator

Final thoughts

Christmas animations are the best choice if you want to prepare your website for the holidays. They are fun, engaging, interactive, and really easy to create with SVGator.

When you’re done, don’t forget to show us your Christmas-themed SVG, GIF, or other animations on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Reddit!