Check the 40 animated icon examples that we have compiled from all corners of the web, and get inspired to create your own. This collection of examples curated by SVGator’s in-house designers includes the following types of animated icon categories:

  • Animated SVG Icons
  • Animated UI (User Interface) Icons
  • Animated Ecommerce Icons
  • Animated Technology Icons
  • Animated Marketing Icons
  • Animated Context-Specific Icons

We included specific use cases for each of these animated icon examples to help you decide which category is the best fit for your needs. Animated icon kits are proven to be useful in countless contexts, including improving an ecommerce website’s UX, enhancing a mobile app’s intuitive navigation, etc.

Static icons can be animated with a variety of tools (including SVGator, which is a keyframe-based animation tool). We will go over the basic process of animating icons, take a look at the advantages of icon animation, and then show you how to download a set of freebie animated icons directly from this article!

Table of Contents:

Animated SVG Icons

Animated SVG icons are infinitely scalable, responsive, and fully customizable, and they can support interactivity. Interactive SVG icons are the most popular type of microinteraction that can enhance a UI (user interface) design, both aesthetically and in terms of usability. These features make SVG icons perfect for web and mobile app design and development.

Here are 8 examples of Animated SVG Icons for you to draw inspiration from:

1. Interactive Menu Icons

Interactive menu icons that animate on click and are based on the nine most popular menu icon designs are easily recognizable – and make for a delicious(-sounding) collection of SVG UI elements! Today’s specials: hamburger menu, cake menu, kebab menu, cheeseburger menu, strawberry menu, candy box menu, hot dog menu, and Bento menu. All animated with just a few clicks in SVGator!

2. Interactive UI Icons

Interactive UI icons can be as lightweight as 3kB when you’re working with the SVG format. Even with on-click interactivity or hover effects, your animated icons can still be web-performance friendly. Our team created this set of 12 super lightweight UI icons that are between 3-9kB each to demonstrate how much visual impact you can create with micro-animations.

3. Interactive Icons on Click

Interactive icons on click will efficiently convey information about the user’s interaction with the interface. These micro-interactions, also known as feedback interactions, will let users know that the system has registered their request. Dusko Stamenic’s examples below can easily work as interactive mobile app icons that are triggered on tap as well, all thanks to the benefits of SVG interactivity.

4. Timeline Explainer Icons

Timeline explainer icons are cost-effective assets that you can use to onboard customers, and they are lightning-fast to create. They allow for easy walkthroughs with minimal copy, reducing the cognitive load of explainer visuals. Making the steps of a process crystal clear (especially one that involves $$$) will also earn you trust points from prospective clients.

Timeline explainer animated icons
Timeline Explainer Animated Icons - Made by SVGator

5. Glassmorphism Weather Icons

Animated Glassmorphism icons are a low-commitment way to explore new design trends without a full-scale redesign. Certain UI style choices might not be a great fit for some contexts (for example, neubrutalist UI icons wouldn’t be the best pick for a reputable weather forecast app). Whimsical animations like glassmorphic weather icons are a much tamer choice when pursuing new creative options.

Animated glassmorphism weather icons
Weather icons - Made by SVGator

6. Neumorphism UI Icons

Neuromorphic UI icons, also known as soft UI elements, have an almost extruded plastic-like look, with a close-to-3D cast. The effect is simple to craft with vector graphics, and we’re seeing neumorphism, which was once just a design trend, have a much lengthier than expected popularity cycle among designers.

Neumorphism UI icons
Neumorphism UI Icons - Made by SVGator

7. Gradient Icons

SVG icons with animated gradient effects can be just as lightweight as solid or duo-tone icons. You can even use gradients to achieve a fake 3D effect as you can see in the rocket icon from the example below. If color animation is suitable for your page/app’s design style, then definitely give gradient icons a chance!

Animated gradient icons
Gradient icons - Made by SVGator

8. Holiday-Themed Icons

Nothing like a bit of UI cheer or hearts galore to spruce up your website’s interface in anticipation of a holiday or event that your user base is looking forward to! These would fall into the category of “small details that really do make a difference,” and we’re big fans of them. Not to mention that they can usually be used in other graphics, like promotional content, as well. The SVG format gives assets infinite scalability with zero loss of quality.

Valentine's Day animated icons
Valentine's Day icons - Made by SVGator
Christmas animated icons
Christmas Icons - Made by SVGator

Animated UI (User Interface) Icons

Animated UI icons are excellent tools for UI designers to add depth, customization, and interactivity to their user interfaces. These UI elements are indispensable to creating memorable customer experiences in the digital world.

Here are 8 examples of Animated UI (User Interface) Icons for you to discover:

9. Swipe Action Icons

Created for Gmail Android, these eight animated swipe action icons are a perfect example of when usability meets playfulness. The subtle animated effects make it easier for users to remember and get accustomed to UX improvements. Long term, these changes aim to reduce the cognitive load necessary to make the best use of your Gmail inbox.

Swipe action icons
Swipe Action Icons - Made by Jesse Sliter

10. Tab Bar / Navigation Menu Icons

Tab bar animated menu icons are useful in communicating functionality and adding an extra layer of interactivity to the user journey. Motion-driven navigation is even more efficient when labeling icons with descriptors. This allows you to meet accessibility requirements while creating visually appealing UIs. Win-win!

Navigation menu icons
Navigation Menu Icons - Made by Karthik S 

11. Sidebar Navigation Icons

Sidebar navigation icons are the type of microinteractions that tend to have the most impact on user retention, falling into the category of “small details that really matter.” You can make these interactive on click/on tap with SVGator. The benefits of using icon animations similar to these include streamlined app navigation, which is vital to user-centric UI design.

Made by Robert Zygmuntowski

12. iOS UI Icons

A kit of iOS UI icons showcases how easy it is to create animated iconography for mobile user interfaces that fit iOS aesthetics. Although the iOS ecosystem is built on more than just eye-candy UI elements, there’s an improvement in functionality that comes with animating icons. The purpose of said icons becomes clearer without overcrowding the limited space on a mobile device’s screen.

iOs UI icons
iOs UI Icons - Made by Margarita Ivanchikova

13. Touch Gesture Icons

Animated touch gesture icons make for excellent onboarding visual guides! Giving users a clear indication of what gestures the user interface design will recognize helps them understand just how easy your UI is to operate. Gesture icon kits are quick to create as well, since you can reuse the same assets (hand element) for multiple supported UI interactions.

Made by Iconly Pro

14. CTA Button Icons

Icons used in animated CTA buttons are a multi-faceted asset for any UI designer. You can create custom success state animations with even the most basic of icons, communicating to the user that the system has registered a request and if/when it has been completed. Check out two brilliant examples of this type of animated icon use case below!

Made by Mauricio Bucardo
Made by Mauricio Bucardo

15. Loader Icons

Icons turned into animated loaders are not only clever, but they’re also super time and labor-efficient to create. This type of animation needs a perfectly smooth loop to work well, along with animated effects that captivate the eye (like the wave effect in the animation below). A book icon page-flipping animation has a similar ability to conceal processing times!

Made by Yeasin Arafat
Made by Aaron Iker

16. Toggle State Icons

Toggle state elements that use icons to animate the transition between states are easy-to-interpret visual cues for users. User-friendly interfaces need to convey active/inactive modes in ways that are clear and concise. Familiar icons for the different states you want to illustrate are the way to go!

Made by Levi Jones
Made by Mauricio Bucardo

Animated Ecommerce Icons

Animated ecommerce icons are used to create the ideal atmosphere for the end goal: sales, aka conversions. The goal is to build an emotional connection with customers and trigger that strong impulse that makes shopping feel like therapy.

Here are 6 examples of Animated Ecommerce Icons for you to check out:

17. Universal Ecommerce Icons

Universal ecommerce icons can transcend language barriers. A shopping cart icon means the same thing for customers coming from a variety of cultures and social/economic backgrounds. Of course, you can also turn your price tag icon into a party popper with discount percentages, or reveal what payment options you offer with an interactive wallet icon. The possibilities are endless. But for the most basic of online shopping operations, keeping it simple works best!

Ecommerce set of animated icons
Ecommerce Animated Icons - Made by SVGator

18. Checkout Explainer Icons

Checkout explainers aid users in trustingly completing a purchase, and they are just as helpful as onboarding explainers. Guiding users through the checkout process and eliminating any chance of misinterpretations is incredibly useful in providing excellent customer service in the long run. Simple and effective!

Made by Filip Greš

19. Shipping Icons

Animated shipping icons that advertise all the different services that a carrier has to offer are perfect for a landing page design in the ecommerce field. These types of icon animations allow you to easily paint a comprehensive picture (at a glance!) of all the reasons why a customer should choose your company.

Made by Iblowyourdesign

20. Logistics Explainer Icons

Logistic-themed explainer icons can be used to break down a lengthy and seemingly-complex process into easier-to-understand chunks of information. Motion vector graphics give you the ability to demonstrate elaborate concepts using illustrations as simple as a basic ecommerce icon.

Made by Oliver King

21. Online Grocery Shop Icons

Tailor your animated icons to fit the context of online grocery shopping, and you instantly make it easier for users to browse through the different product categories. These same animated icons can be invaluable if the platform/app also has shopping list creation features or a section dedicated to coupons/discounts. Use them to direct attention to your biggest selling points!

Made by Iqbal musa

22. POS System Icons

POS system icons can help shape the ecommerce user experience at two different levels. For sellers, it can mean easy navigation between sales, inventory, and data management. For buyers, it can be as simple as animated toggle transitions between different currency icons. Visual communication with motion graphics has loads to offer in the ecommerce-sphere!

POS system icons
POS System Icons - Made By Shivam Kaushik

Animated Technology Icons

Animated technology icons are visuals that basically bridge understanding of tech concepts, making them accessible to both tech-savvy and non-tech-savvy users.

Here are 5 examples of Animated Technology Icons for you to explore:

23. Cloud Computing Icons

Cute and friendly cloud computing icons can make advanced cloud technology look a lot less intimidating and difficult to work with. These icons manage to simplify terms that the non-tech-experienced crowd might not be familiar with, increasing the usability of the cloud computing platform tenfold!

Cloud computing icons
Cloud Computing Icons - Made by SVGator

24. Fintech Icons

Animated fintech icons can help designers clear up the intricacies of processes that require the merge of finances and technology. Data analysis, savings, investments – they all make up the dynamics of the fintech world. Use the familiarity of a piggy bank icon, for example, to make these concepts much easier to understand for the general audience. Less jargon, better functionality!

Fintech icons
Fintech Icons - Made by Yup Nguyen

25. WordPress Plugin Icons

This set of animated WordPress plugin icons encapsulates all the key features of a product in the most easily visually digestible way! Since these are custom icons that illustrate specific capabilities, adding descriptive labels that briefly clarify each feature is a must.

WordPress plugin animated icons
WordPress plugin icons - Made by Shivam Kaushik

26. File Type Icons

Interactive file-type icons on SVGator’s landing pages help us clearly convey all the export options that our users have available when animating with our tool. These animated icons make it easy for those new to our animator to quickly identify if it is the right addition to the tool stack for their needs. Minimalist, yet impactful!

Icons for file types
File Types Animated Icons - Made by SVGator

27. Tool Feature Icons

Animating tool feature icons is a landing page design step that we’ve been using ever since the early days of the website. Animated icons are the perfect medium to use when explaining the features of software tools – and that goes for most other tech-related products/services.

3 animated icons showcasing tool features in SVGator
Tool Feature Icons - Made by SVGator

Animated Marketing Icons

Animated marketing icons are a key part of the suite of dynamic visuals that designers and marketers use to present branding, outreach, success metrics, and engagement opportunities in a captivating way.

Here are 7 examples of Animated Marketing Icons for you to consider creating yourself:

28. Social Media Icons

Animated interactive social media icons are perfect visual cues for website visitors. For example, they can encourage blog readers to share content to all the other social platforms where you’re building communities, effectively increasing your reach and engagement.

Animated social media icons
Social Media icons - Made by SVGator

29. App Onboarding Icons

App onboarding icons that morph from one concept to another are the ultimate hack to efficient user onboarding! While walking new app users through the essential features of your product/service, you’re also introducing them to the functionalities of all the icons they’ll be relying on to navigate your app. That’s what we call marketing done right!

Made by Ashraf Omran

30. Time Tracking App Icon

A clever way to give new prospective customers insight into the main selling point of your app is to animate the icon with a partially revealing effect. In this case, the animation reinforces the idea that your time-tracking tool, with its productivity-boosting features, will help users manage their time like clockwork.

Made by Lucas Haas

31. Pricing Plan Icons

Pricing plan icons that animate, on hover for example, can encourage clients to take their time when checking out your pricing options. This simple marketing strategy increases your chances of converting and reduces churn, as there are better chances for your new clients to choose a plan that aligns with their needs directly from the get-go.

Made by Olivia

32. Content Sharing Icons

Animated content sharing icons that can double as a loader animation with success state feedback are a UX hit. And there’s no better way to market a product than by delivering excellent UX every step of the way in the customer journey!

Made by Mauricio Bucardo

33. Open AI Logo Icon

Animated logo icons are fantastic branding assets as they can help establish brand recognition in innovative ways. There are lots of customer touch points where you can integrate this brand identity gem. Animate a logo icon for your mobile app’s splash screen, welcome page, or even as a loader.

Open AI logo animation
Open AI Logo - Made by yassine Brands®

34. Data Chart Icon

A simple data chart icon that’s animated to serve as a hero section visual provides a concise way to introduce users to data analysis that is made accessible and easy to master. All you need to do is identify the icon that best suits a landing page’s main focus point, and you’ve got yourself the perfect hero section animation!

Data chart icon
Data Chart icon - Made by SVGator

Animated Context-Specific Icons

Animated context-specific icons allow designers to enhance user understanding in a flash. In any domain, animated vector icons bring customization at its finest.

Here are 6 examples of Animated Context-Specific Icons for you to get inspired by:

35. Self-Storage Service Icons

Animated self-storage service icons manage to summarize all the benefits of the service with simple animation effects. From depictions of climate control to various security features – all these custom icons are useful in turning website visitors into satisfied customers!

Self-storage icons
Self-Storage icons - Made by Fazil Ashraf

36. Share Location Icons

Animated share location icons, with effects like a location marker moving, add extra interest to an app feature without distracting from the functionality of the icons. This is a great example of good UX blending with awesome UI design.

Made by Iggy Paul

37. Medical App Icons

Animated medical app icons can be excellent guides when it comes to medical functionalities. Health-related apps are typically accessed in unpleasant circumstances (by users experiencing medical emergencies). Easy and intuitive navigation is crucial in this case, and custom icons can aid in nailing this UX requirement.

Medical app icons
Medical App Icons - Made By Halal Lab

38. Fitness App Icons

Animated hover effects on fitness app icons are the icing on the cake (or on the protein smoothie in this case) when it comes to building an engaging and fun app experience for users. Motion is already on their minds, so why not integrate it into their favorite workout tracker app as well?

Fitness app icons
Fitness App Icons - Made by Alex Chizh

39. Education Icons

Virtual classrooms can benefit greatly from the engaging and captivating nature of animated education-themed icons. You can guide students through resources, subjects, and courses with informative and eye-catching imagery using just icons. Fun educational interfaces can make learning that much more enjoyable!

Made by Khushmeen Sidhu

40. Cooking App Icons

Cooking app icons animated on a satisfying loop have the same effect on the user experience that food plating has on serving the most delicious meals. We eat with our eyes first, and motion graphics are a feast for the eyes when done right!

Cooking app icons
Cooking App Icons - Made by Akriti Tiwari

How Can You Create Animated Icons?

You can create animated icons using vector animation software like SVGator, or by coding the animated effects for your iconography from scratch. The no-code solution, namely keyframe-based animation, is the quicker and less effort-intensive option of the two.

Typically, the process of creating animated icons more or less follows the following 6 steps:

  1. Conceptualization: The purpose, message, and context of all icons need to be outlined.
  2. Design: You create the static version of your icon first, or import ready-made icons that fit your website/app’s style. Make sure the icon is discernible and recognizable even before it gets animated.
  3. Animate: Pick your vector animation tool of choice, and put your icons in motion. Consider how the movement, easing, and interaction properties of the icons will influence the message you want them to convey.
  4. Preview/Export: Export your animated icons in the necessary format. Formats like animated SVG, .dart (for Flutter), .js (for React Native), and JSON are commonly used for web and mobile app animations.
  5. Test: Ensure that your animated icons load quickly and smoothly, and in the context where they are meant to be used.
  6. Integrate: The animated icons are now ready to be integrated into the website/app that they were intended for.

Can You Create Animated Icons With SVGator?

Yes, you can easily create animated icons with SVGator.

You can create your static icons from scratch using SVGator’s vector drawing and editing capabilities, or you can import ready-made static icons. Even with the Free plan, you can customize and animate icons by creating a new project and importing the icons into the editor.

Change the stroke or fill color, size, etc. using the animator’s intuitive interface. Once the icons have an on-brand appearance, you can move and animate the icons as you please — going as subtle or as effervescent as you see fit.

You can apply this iconography designing method with any imported icon, as long as you have it in .svg format. If you’re on a short deadline and don’t have time to create your icons from scratch in our editor, you can use an icon marketplace like Iconfinder. Import your downloaded icons from any icon library to customize and animate them with SVGator, as we did here:

Creating animated icons using SVGator
Creating Icons in SVGator

Where Can You Find Free Animated Icons?

You can find free animated icons in SVGator’s asset library, or you can download them right here!

We’ve created a universal ecommerce icon set that includes all the essentials needed for an outstanding online shopping experience. And you can download it for free!

What does the free animated icon set include?

The free animated icon set includes the following:

  • Static SVG ecommerce icons (including all of the must-have icon types listed above!) ✅
  • All static icons included in the free ecommerce icon pack come in three different styles: Outline, Solid Duotone, and Colorful Duotone ✅
  • Animated SVG ecommerce icons
  • Interactive animated SVG ecommerce icons
  • Animated SVG icons in .dart format for Flutter
  • Animated SVG icons in .js format for React Native
Free ecommerce animated icon pack

The work behind the smooth transitions and impeccable style continuity has already been done by SVGator’s team of designers. All you have to do is make the animated icons match your brand’s identity.

With the PRO plan, you can also define the interactivity settings of the animated icons as you see fit, and export them to be used on the web (as .svg files) or on mobile apps (as .js files for React Native or as .dart files for Flutter).

What Are the Benefits of Using Animated Icons?

These are the main benefits of using animated icons:

  • Boosting user engagement via interactivity
  • Improving usability and accessibility
  • Improving the overall user experience
  • Diversifying branding opportunities
  • Ensuring performance on the web and mobile

Final Thoughts

Ready to make use of all the newly acquired inspiration? Get a headstart on offering a top-notch user experience with our free animated icon set! Guide shoppers with engaging and usability-centered iconography that you can easily customize to fit your brand with SVGator.

Create your own animated icons with SVGator, and share your work with the rest of the community! We’re on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Pinterest, and Reddit.