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Which plan should I pick?

You should pick a plan based on how familiar you are with SVG animations and how often you are planning to create a new project. If you are just getting started, exploring the features, and learning new techniques, you should use the Free plan.

With the Free plan you can use SVGator for as long as you want, create 3 new projects per month, and export basic animators such as Position, Scale, Anchor, Rotate, and Opacity.

If you already know how to animate SVG and you also need advanced animations such as self-drawing effects or morphing, you should pick the Lite plan, which starts from $7 per month. With the Lite plan you can create longer animations (up to 60 seconds), create 5 new projects per month, and also export advanced animators.

Do you need advanced animations on a regular basis? Unlock all features with the Pro plan,  which starts from $12 per month. It allows you to create unlimited projects, export advanced animators, and update your existing projects with new elements through the My library section.

You can find SVGator’s pricing here.

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