Subscription renewal and billing cycles

If you decide to switch from a monthly Pro plan to an annual Pro plan, you can easily do so without missing out on the pricing advantage of switching to an annual subscription plan (saving up to 28%).

Below you will find how we will calculate your fees in this case, and how it affects your billing cycle with different payment methods.


If you’re using Paypal, your billing cycle will reset automatically and you will get a prorated amount based on the time left from the prior monthly subscription.

For example, let's say you want to switch from the Monthly Pro plan to the Annual Pro Plan on the 20th day of your current subscription cycle.

As the Monthly Pro plan costs $28 for a month, it costs $18.66 for 20 days. So, the remaining amount for this month is $9.34. This sum will be deducted from your new Annual Pro Plan's price and you will be charged only $230,67 instead of the full price of $240 (in the first month).

The billing date becomes the 20th day of the prior subscription (the day you create your new subscription) and you will be billed again on the same day next month.

Credit card

If you’re paying with your credit card, and you want to switch from a monthly to a yearly plan, your billing cycle will change.

Using the example above, let’s say again that you want to switch on day 20 from Pro monthly to Pro annual. You used $18.66 of your monthly paid plan and the remaining $9.34 will be deducted from $240, the annual plan’s price.

The new billing date will become the current date (which is the 20th day of your original subscription), so you will be billed again next year on the same day of the month.

Paying dues

Automatic charging

If the automatic charge fails on the due date, you will have access only to our free plan until the payment is successful.

  • Paypal will try to charge you on day 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and then on day 11 and day 21. If the charge attempt still fails on day 21, your subscription will be canceled.
  • At card payment, there will be 4 attempts to charge you, including the days 1 and 21. If the charge attempt still fails on day 21, your subscription will be canceled.

Regardless of your payment methods, the billing cycle won’t change depending on the successful charge attempt.

Paying dues manually

If you pay your dues manually after the due date, your billing cycle will reset and you won’t be charged for the period when the subscription was in Past Due state.

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