What counts as a new exported animation in the Free plan?

With the Free plan, you are limited to 3 animated SVG exports/month, and 3 video and GIF renders/month.

Whenever you make changes to an existing project and export it, it will count as a new export, and it will use up one of the 3 monthly slots of the free plan.

What are the cases when we will not count a new project export?

Here are the cases when it won't count as a new project export:

  • if you export multiple times the same animated project, without making any modifications to the timeline, the canvas, or the elements' properties
  • if the only thing you change is the project's name, animation's direction, iterations number, or fill mode
  • if you are a Free user and you used premium animators only (the resulting export will however be in static SVG format)
  • if you select "Static" as the SVG format

If you do not reach the maximum number of exported animations within the month, you cannot transfer them to the next month or to other accounts.

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