What counts as a new exported animation in the Free and Lite plans?

With the Free plan you can export 3 animated projects per month and with the Lite plan you can export 10 animated projects per month.

If you added elements and animations to the timeline and export this file as animated SVG, it counts as a new exported project.

exported svg animation

In the following cases, we will NOT count them as new exported projects:

  • if you export multiple times the same animated project, without making any modifications to the timeline, the canvas, or the elements' properties;
  • if the only thing you change are the project's name, animation's direction, iterations number or fill mode;
  • if you are a Free user and you used premium animators only, the export resulting in a static SVG;
  • if you selected "Static" as the SVG format.

If you do not reach the maxim number of exported animations within the month, you cannot transfer them to the next month or to other accounts.

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