What’s not included in the free version?

With the Free plan, you can create and export an unlimited number of static SVG files, test all features for as long as you want, and export 3 animated SVGs per month with the following animators:

  • Position animator
  • Scale animator
  • Anchor animator
  • Rotate animator
  • Opacity animator

Can you test advanced features with the Free plan?

You can also test advanced features such as morphing or stroke-path animations, but these features will not be included in the exported file. That’s why in some cases, the exported file isn’t the same as in the app.

What types of animators are excluded from the Free plan?

If you are using the Free plan, the following animators will not be included in the exported file:

  • Morph animator
  • Skew animator
  • Fill color animator
  • Fill opacity animator
  • Stroke width animator
  • Stroke offset animator
  • Stroke dashes animator
  • Stroke color animator
  • Stroke opacity animator
  • Filters animator

What is the maximum timeline length available in the Free plan?

The maximum timeline length for the Free plan is 3 seconds. This limitation will be marked on the timeline with a yellow star label. You will however be able to animate over that limit, but when exporting the animation a message will display to warn you that the preview and the export are limited to 3 seconds.

What is the maximum timeline length available for the Pro plan?

On the other hand, you can create an animation that’s up to 5 minutes long with the Pro plan.

With the Pro plan, you can also update your existing projects with new elements through the My library feature. This feature includes 100+ ready-to-use assets (some static and others animated) created by our in-house designers.

Free Plan: Export Limitations Explained

With the Free plan, you've got three exports per month and your plan will be reset each month.

How does SVGator count your file exports?

If you export the same SVG file several times with the exact same settings, that will count only as one export. However, if you make any minor changes (e.g: change a color, a keyframe, or the duration of the animation) on your SVG animation before exporting it again, then that will be considered a new export.

See what changes do NOT count towards the number of new exported projects here.

If you want to export the same SVG file in a different format, for example you have it for mobile (.js/.dart) and you want to export it for the web too, that WILL count as a new export.

You can find SVGator’s pricing on our dedicated Pricing page.

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