A 404 page error animation is a motion graphic meant to communicate an error message that appears on a website users click a dead link, or if they simply stumble onto a page that’s currently unavailable.

There’s no site owner or developer who hopes their witty and creative 404 pages will ever get a visit, but staying ahead of potential errors is a must when creating digital content.

We can’t prevent that “404 page not found” message from ever showing, but we can at least soften the blow to user satisfaction when the inevitable happens. An out-of-the-box animation will help you do instant damage control!

To get ideas flowing, we’ve gathered the best 50+ animated 404 page examples, along with a few other error page animations that handle common bumps in the customer journey in the craftiest ways.

A custom 404 page helps you plan ahead for an unexpected pain point in a user’s journey. It serves a practical function (it informs site viewers that the requested page is unavailable/missing), but it also leaves room for plenty of branding and user engagement opportunities.

1. Kitty Yarn Play 404 Page

A kitty playing with a ball of yarn will make it impossible for visitors that run into this error page to leave frustrated. There’s just no way around it – cats are the masters of distraction! You’ll need to give visitors a good reason to look away from the cuteness and head back to your homepage.

Kitty Yarn Play 404 page animation - Made by SVGator
Kitty Yarn Play 404 Animation - Made by SVGator

2. Paint Spill 404 Page

Oops! Looks like someone spilled the paint here – so now it’s just a canvas for some accidental art. A custom 404 page needs to capture the visitor’s attention for just a few moments because no one’s sticking around until the paint dries!

Spilled paint 404 page animation - Made by SVGator
Spilled Paint 404 Animation - Made by SVGator
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3. Server on Fire Error Page

One of the most unique error pages on our list doesn’t shy away from letting you know the server’s administrator is in the hot seat (literally!), as this 500 error page is blazing. Animated, on-brand, and lightheartedly funny is the way to go!

Server on fire error page animation
Server on fire error page animation - Made by Henry Wahyu

4. Health by Habit 404 Page

Health by Habit has an interactive 404 animation that provides feedback and guidance to alternative navigation routes in the brand’s artsy and minimalist style. This approach manages to transform the unpleasant experience of running into a digital roadstop into a moment of visual delight.

Health by Habit 404 page animation - Made by Synchronized

5. Arcade Character 404 Error

With a nostalgic throwback to classic arcade games, pixel art makes for the perfect error page character animation style! “Princess is not here,” but you can go right back to enjoying the fun of gaming by hitting the “Go back” button.

Arcade Character 404 Error - Made by Designerachit
Arcade Character 404 Error - Made by Designerachit

6. TripAdvisor 404 Error Page

Did your travels on the interwebs land you on TripAdvisor’s 404 page? They waste no time in redirecting you to some of the most interesting destinations on their platform: hotels, restaurants, things to do, and vacation rentals. Simple and effective!

Animated TripAdvisor 404 error page
Animated TripAdvisor 404 error page - Made by TripAdvisor

7. Ueno 404 Page

Ueno’s error page takes a cheeky dig at error messages from the 90’s and defuses the awkward situation at hand. The animated hotdog character is showing you just what to do: keep it moving (back to the home page)!

Animated hotdog on Ueno 404 page
Ueno 404 page animation - Made by By Ueno

8. Suspicious 404 Page

It seems like your being here is kind of “sus”! The error page’s watching eye sees that you don’t belong here but still offers a “Here’s nothing!” message to state the obvious. This animation shows just how easily you can make an error message look amusing, even with the most basic vector graphics.

Animated suspicious eye on 404 error page
Suspicious 404 page - Made by Andrey Bogdanov

9. Doggone 404 Page

Such a doggone shame that the page you’re looking for doesn’t exist! You have to admit that you can’t be truly disappointed when greeted by a wagging tail and all this cuteness. You’re actually meeting one of the artist’s experiments with CSS-only animal animations.

Puppy 404 error page animation
Doggone 404 Page - Made by PankaJunk

10. 404 Page Simple Animation

A watch shop that plays on its strengths! The error page concept for Clockia features an animated glitch effect that’s stuck on 4:04, just like you’re stuck in a digital dead end. No time wasted either, as the page redirects you to the homepage.

404 page simple animation - Made by Stepan Fityo
404 page simple animation - Made by Stepan Fityo

11. Octopus 404 Page

Here’s a subtle animation that’s backed by clear redirection to help viewers understand why they’re seeing the error message. Perfect job for brand mascots, animated logos, or cute, on-theme animated characters, like this not-so-friendly octopus!

Octupus 404 page animation
Octopus 404 page - Made by Anastasiya Vorontsova

12. Baking Error Page

The recipe for success in keeping 404 page viewers from walking away dissatisfied calls for a bit of humor at your own expense. This animated example for a traditional home-baking website does a wonderful job at communicating its error message!

Baking error page animation
Baking error page - Made by Thompson Brand Partners

13. 404 Underwater Error Page

You’ve definitely made a wrong turn somewhere along the way to end up all the way down here! Use a funny visual hyperbole as a lighthearted method of breaking the tension in this kind of inopportune encounter.

Car underwater animation on 404 error page
404 Car underwater error page - Made by David R

14. Bored Cat 404 Page

Does the cat hang around waiting for viewers to come across the 404 page, or did you just wake it up from a good nap with your visit? Having adorable animals “break the bad news” is a fail-safe way to keep users on your website!

Animated bored cat 404 page
Bored cat 404 page - Made by Roman Lopatko
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15. 500 Short Circuit Error Page

Server problems are no joke. But just like with a short circuit, there is nothing else to do other than to wait for a professional to handle it. All this error page needed was a “zap” of animation to tie the design together!

500 short circuit error page - Made by Gaurav Borse
500 short circuit error page - Made by Gaurav Borse

16. 404 Got Lost Error

Got lost in your travels through cyberspace? Here’s an interactive way to redirect visitors who land on an error page: a clickable hot air balloon animation that can give users a virtual lift back to the home page!

404 got lost error page - Made by Anastasiia Andriichuk
404 got lost error page - Made by Anastasiia Andriichuk

17. MarvelApp Error 404 Page

Seems that this isn’t your lucky day! Here’s a cute slot machine whose only big win is informing visitors of their misfortune and redirecting them to other sections of your website where the odds should be in their favor.

MarverApp animation error 404 page
MarvelApp error 404 page - Made by MarvelApp

18. Cat Revenge 404 Page

Oh no! Someone definitely got on this kitty’s nerves. It’s got nothing to do with broken or missing links – just your typical feline mischief! This type of 404 animation works well for websites that have broad audiences because chances are that no one’s going to mind seeing this vengeful kitty-cat.

Cat revenge animation 404 error page
Cat revenge 404 page - Made by Heta Trivedi

19. Useberry 404 Page

Useberry’s rebranding journey included implementing a set of cute characters that stems directly from the brand’s logo. The only options on this error page are to either chill out and take a breather while watching the character struggle or head back to the home page!

Useberry animated character 404 error page
Useberry 404 page - Made by HØLY

20. Walking Investigator 404 Page

This dapper anthropomorphic bird is on a search for the page you’re looking for, and it looks like it’s not having any better luck finding it than you are. A 404 page animation as simple as a walking cycle will shift the focus away from this sudden drawback in the user’s journey.

Walking investigator animation in 404 error page
Walking Investigator 404 Page - Made by Eugene Weiss

21. Eagle Vision 404

The eagle vision concept for this error page animation has just a hint of humor and wit, leaving room for a quick and straightforward way to redirect the viewer back to a functional page.

Eagle vision animation for 404 page
Eagle vision 404 - Made by Daria Hill

22. Cockatoo Error Page

What’s more relatable than the sheer frustration of landing on a broken page? The animated cockatoo is there to do exactly what you feel like doing. No shame in its game!

Cockatoo animation 404 error page
Cockatoo error page - Made by Iqonic Design

23. Package Freefall 404 Page

This 404 animation fits like a glove for a shipping platform! Running into a broken link when tracking a package can undoubtedly be irritating, so keeping the atmosphere light and animated can help curb user frustration.

Aimated package freefall 404 page
Package freefall 404 page - Made by Łukasz Peszek

24. Missing Page 404 Error

What’s an error page on a website other than just another missing page out of a book? Such a cool animation concept for TrackMaven! They’re all about data analytics, so it’s only fitting that missing information would ruin the plot for their users.

Book with broken pages animation for 404 error page
Missing Page 404 Error - Made by Blake Wilton

25. Turtle in Trouble Error Page

Is the page loading slower than it takes a tipped-over turtle to get back on his feet? Then you’re going to land on this cutely animated 504 “Gateway Timeout” error page. Anyone else still rooting for the little guy to right himself after countless loops?

Animated turtle in trouble 404 error page
Turtle in trouble error page - Made by Katie Giblett

26. Frozen Account Error Page

Few things in the customer journey are as frustrating as losing access to an account. In this case, use a touch of reassuring goofiness accompanied by simple instructions on how to go about getting the issue resolved. Make sure your response time to these sorts of queries is prompt, though!

Frozen account error page animation
Frozen account error page - Made by Karthikeyan Ramanathan

27. Lava Lamp 404 Page

Take a breather! This hypnotic lava lamp animation tells you to take a moment and do a quick breathing exercise. Might not erase the effects of the inconvenience the user is experiencing, but it clears the way for the user to make the cool-headed decision to continue browsing your website.

Lava lamp 404 page - Made by Violetvi
Lava lamp 404 page - Made by Violetvi

28. “Searching With You” 404 Page

With a fun approach to presenting viewers with an error message, these two animated characters are looking for the missing page as well. An effective way to make a not-so-great interaction between the user and your website feel more like an interactive dialogue.

Boy and girl animated characters searching 404 error page
“Searching With You” 404 Page - Made by Fazal Shah

29. Mobile Server Error Page

Animated in-app error messages and other mobile UI animations can help you provide a genuinely enjoyable user experience. Mitigate a tiny speed bump in a mobile customer’s journey with clear communication and just a bit of humor 🤏.

Mobile server with animated characer for error page
Mobile server error page - Made by Anderson Animonstro

30. Panicked Earth 404 Page

A prime example of how entertaining it can be to just embrace the awkwardness of the situation! The “What on earth are you doing here?!” message is a clear sign that you’ve entered uncharted territory. The “Get yourself home” link might get clicked later in the viewer’s visit because the panicked Earth’s facial expressions are just a bit too fun to watch.

Animated panicked earth 404 error page
Panicked earth 404 page - Made by Chris Bramford

31. Spooky 404 Page

How did you end up among 🧟? That’s a mystery, but you’d better “GO BACK” as soon as you can! In Tony Babel’s distinctive style, this animation is as unusual as it is entertaining. Never a dull moment when creativity is at play!

Spooky animation 404 error page
Spooky 404 page - Made by Tony Babel

32. Under Maintenance Error Page

Scheduled downtime is a perfectly fine reason for a page to be temporarily unavailable, but that doesn’t make it any less unpleasant for website visitors! Give users a tiny sneak peek behind the scenes to make your team’s efforts easier to relate to.

Animated character at the desk for under maintenance error page
Under maintenance error page - Made by Hanan Afif Ramadhan

33. Mobile App Error Message

Here’s a weather prediction app that’ll keep you on your toes! In case of errors, expect those clear skies to turn bright red, warning you of the mishap. Dramatic? Maybe. Surprising and memorable? Definitely!

Sailing boat animation for mobile app error message
Mobile app error message - Made by Scott M Thigpen
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34. Detective 404 Page

Ever searched for a page so much that you end up feeling like you’re playing detective? This 404 animation nails that experience! After a while it can definitely feel like you’re going in circles and jumping through interdimensional hoops. Tap into the funny side to turn an unfortunate event into pure entertainment!

Animated detective 404 error page
Detective 404 page - Made by What a Story

35. Internet Connection Error

A slow internet connection, or no connection at all, is an “Ooops!” we’ve all run into. This error animation does an excellent job of giving processing feedback (e.g., the system is still searching for a connection), and advising the user on what step to take next (e.g., check your internet settings).

Animated satellite for internet conection error
Internet connection error - Made by Artemarty

36. 404 Page Not Found

What better analogy to use for an error other than an outlet short circuit? An animated glitch effect is the epitome of clear communication when it comes to users landing on a broken or missing page!

Broken plug animation for 404 page not found
404 page not found - Made by Tom Wilusz

37. Monzo Error Page

Nope. Checked both pockets and the page you’re looking for is nowhere to be found! A simple animated character can work wonders in delivering your message with a softened blow to the user’s satisfaction level.

Monzo error page - Made by Monzo
Monzo error page - Made by Monzo

38. Redfin 404 Page

With a brand built on buying and selling homes and properties, Redfin really nailed the punchline for their website’s error page. Lost that one? Let’s get you (a) home!

Redifin houses animation fo 404 error page
Redfin 404 page - Made by Redfin

39. Alien Abduction 404 Page

A perfect example of how you can use your 404 page to restate your brand's main selling point and directly connect with viewers. That alien spaceship might not have managed to abduct the ShipDaddy courier yet, but you better go back to the homepage just to stay safe.

Made by Tubik

40. Mario 404 Error Page

What about a bit of perfectly timed nostalgia to lessen the letdown of finding a broken link? Our princess must be in another castle, so the adventure shall go on … another page!

Mario game animation 404 error page
Mario 404 error page - Made by IGN

41. Lyft 404 Page

Driving in circles is the exact opposite of what you’d expect from Lyft, so this 404 animation is right on the nose for situations where their website missed the mark. Direct and easy to understand is this brand’s typical communication style, and it shows in their error page as well.

Car spinning around a tree Lyft animation for 404 error page
Lyft 404 page - Made by Lyft

42. Figma Interactive 404 Page

Figma’s interactive error page gives you nodes to play with while you contemplate your next move. Although most web performance consultants would warn against giving users a reason to stick around on an error page for too long, this is simply too inviting not to mess around with!

Figma interactive 404 page - Made by Figma
Figma interactive 404 page - Made by Figma

43. Electric Caveman 404 Page

One of the most (literally!) electrifying custom 404 page examples from Markus Magnusson, the master of animation himself! Wondering what might have gone haywire behind the scenes and made this page unreachable? Here’s a plausible explanation for this mishap: caveman vs. power cord.

Electrocuted caveman animation for 404 error page
Electric caveman 404 page - Made by Markus Magnusson

44. Retro Pong Game Error Page

The game isn’t over when you land on this error page! In fact, the ball is in your court, and you get to decide if you’re sticking around for the hypnotizing retro game of pong or if you’re going back to browsing.

Ping-pong 404 page animation - Made by SVGator
Ping-pong 404 page animation - Made by Matteo Marzagalli and animated in SVGator

45. Space Shooter 404 Error

Lost in (digital) space? Hit “Back to Base'' to return to safety! The alien space shooter theme, or any retro arcade game for that matter, works fantastically for online gaming platforms. Just a sprinkle of fond childhood memories to smooth over the entire situation!

Space Shooter 404 page animation - Made by SVGator
Space shooter 404 page animation - Made by SVGator

46. 404 Page Not Found

Tumbleweeds are a clear sign that you’ve stumbled onto the deserted side of a website. This no-frill concept from Pit Studio conveys the error message with ease. That’s the beauty of web animation done right!

Made by Pit Studio

47. 404 Page Glitch

Here’s an outside-the-box approach to creating an animated glitch effect for your website’s error page! The interactive feature tops it all off while still retaining the minimalist design style that OHO Design Studio went for.

Made by OHO Design

48. Chillbill 404 Page Error

Let your company’s logo be the headliner for your error page if brand recognition is your strong suit! You can either animate the logo or the error message itself, like CHILLBILL Studio did here.


49. Bowie Error 404

You might think that this is an error page design that only diehard David Bowie fans could appreciate, but it’s actually a case in point of just how plain you can go with your motion design concept while still creating a banger!

Made by Heroes of David Bowie

50. Casino 404 Animation

You’re out of luck, apparently, since there are no wins in sight on this page. Good news is that you can try your hand at another lucky shot by heading back to the home page!

Made by CASINO 2000

51. Folio23 Error 404 Page

“Click anywhere to go back” works great as a redirecting method for a full-page animated design, like in this example for Folio23. It’s immersing enough to capture attention while also being direct enough to keep users on the right track in their browsing journeys.

Made by Francesco Michelini/Folio23

52. Interactive Character 404 Page

Even the smallest interaction with elements on your website’s error page can deflect from the unfortunate current situation. Make it fun with branded characters, and redirecting visitors successfully should be a breeze!

Made by Laura Calvo

53. 404 Not Found in 3D

The missing page seems to have disappeared into the abyss! Experimenting with 3D design for your error page animation is the perfect place to start when you’re looking to implement more three-dimensional graphics into your website.

3D animation 404 not found page error
404 not found in 3D - Made by Francisco GyG

Final Thoughts

Want to have a 404 design that’s so catchy and fun that it becomes a shareable branding asset? Make use of SVG animation and pull out all the stops in your creative process!

Turn any of your website’s error pages into engagement magnets that double as efficient problem solvers. Open SVGator’s editor and start animating your way to prime visitor retention rates!