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What if you can’t import a file

This can happen for one of the reasons explained below:

1. If it’s not a static SVG file

Please note, that we don’t support other file formats like PNG, JPEG or GIF. If you’ve tried to import a different file format, you might see an error message like: ‘Type "image/jpeg" is not a valid SVG mime type!’

2. If the code includes unrecognizable tags

In this case, you will see an ‘ e.getBBox is not a function’ error message. Please make sure that you’ve created your file according to our guidelines. We usually recommend Adobe Illustrator or Sketch.

3. If the SVG file is way too complex to be imported.

The maximum number of supported elements and groups is 300. You can read more about how to optimize your file in Illustrator or Sketch by clicking on one of the links above.

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