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What’s not included in the free trial

During the 14-days trial period, you can test all premium features, but you can’t use the My library section. This means that you can’t update your projects with new elements, so in case you’ve created an animation and would like to add a new element, you will have to import it again and start the animation from scratch.

You can test premium features like Morph, Skew, Filter or Color animation, but upon exporting the file it will be saved with the basic features only.

You can preview the whole animation in the timeline, but when you click on the Browser Preview button in the top-right corner, the animation there is a preview of the exported file, so it will not include the premium features.

By choosing a plan, you will unlock premium features like:

  • Morph animation
  • Color animation for fill and stroke
  • Skew animation
  • Filters animation
  • Stroke path animation
  • Animation length up to 5 minutes
  • Start the animation on click

You can find SVGator’s pricing here.

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