Using the Assets Library

In some cases, after you've already spent time working on your animation, you might want to add a new element to your project. Because we wouldn't want you to start the whole animation from scratch, we've added a new feature to our vector animation software. The My library feature will make updating your existing projects with new elements very easy!

Please note that this feature isn't available for Free users. You can read more about the premium features and our pricing here.

You will find the My library here:

assets library

You can browse in the categories or you can click on the Upload new button to select something from your device. To add a new element, simply click on the element in the My library section and it will show up on the canvas:

assets library

After you've added it to the canvas, you can move it with the Select tool. You can also change the layers' order in the Elements list.

If you would like to delete a file that you've uploaded into the My library section, simply select the element and click on the Delete icon:

assets library

Please note that you can't delete elements from the categories, just what you've uploaded into the My library section from your device.

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