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A consolidated effort to unify the major projects in the Lottie universe under an agreed format specification body has been set in motion by the members of Lottie Animation Community (LAC), a non-profit open-source project hosted by the Linux Foundation.

The aim is to introduce a formal specification body for the Lottie file format and set a precedent for democratizing the motion design field. Making this vector graphic format easily accessible to all Lottie animation creators plays a significant role in solidifying Lottie as a future-proof open web standard.

“... excited to announce the Lottie Animation Community (LAC), a non-profit open source project hosted by the Linux Foundation, dedicated to establishing the Lottie File Format as an efficient, scalable and cross-platform animated vector graphics technology and open file format.” - The Linux Foundation Press Release
Animated smiling heart across devices - Made by SVGator
Animated smiling heart across devices - Made by SVGator

Why Is Lottie Joining the Linux Foundation Big News in the Web Animation World?

The commitment from the Linux Foundation to maintain Lottie as an open web standard constitutes an agreement to improve the portability of the Lottie file format between various platforms.

With support from noteworthy representatives from Google, Airbnb, and Hernan Torrisi (the creator of Lottie himself!), this cross-industry collaboration is set to define Lottie as one of the standard formats for animated vector graphics, like the SVG (Scalable Vector Graphic) format already is.

Like the SVG format, once the standardization of the Lottie file format is established, digital creators will have access to it across most platforms and design tools. Expect to see some of the most talented visual storytellers and even tech-industry giants use Lottie animations to turn the web into an even more immersive, creative, and fun place for us all!

Where Do I Start Learning About Lottie?

New to the Lottie file format but still excited about all the awesome things to come in the motion-sphere?! Let us help you navigate the basics of Lottie and get you ready to create Lottie animations with SVGator 🎉!

Lottie is a JSON-based file format used for high-quality animations. It is designed for cross-platform use, allowing seamless integration into web and mobile platforms.

It is small in file size, infinitely scalable, and easy to implement by developers. The format can also include raster graphic elements, and it supports interactivity and programmability.
What Is Lottie? A Beginner’s Guide to the Lottie Format
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