We’re excited to introduce you to SVGator’s latest feature that’s going to help you easily enhance your mobile apps with captivating and engaging animations.

SVGator started out as a quick online solution to give designers the ability to easily animate SVG without needing any coding skills. With so many designers using our animator to branch out their creative skills into motion graphics, SVGator’s growth and development practically snowballed into the full-featured animation tool that it is today.

This snowball effect does have the work and dedication of the SVGator team behind it, but our development has always been steered and inspired by the community of designers that use our animation tool. We keep in close touch with our customers, so the development of this new feature was a natural next step for us!

Mobile export made easy for both designers and developers

Animating digital illustrations, without the need to use third-party software or installing extra plugins, was the gap in a designer’s workflow that SVGator has been filling ever since its beginnings. Still, there was one demand that our customers earnestly requested us to prioritize, and that is: growing our list of export options!

Keeping in mind your desire to branch out even further in your creative endeavors, we focused all our efforts on developing a cross-platform mobile export feature as quickly as possible!
We aimed for this feature to allow you to export animations that work on both iOS and Android, with small file sizes for optimal app performance.

SVG animations brought to the fingertips of mobile app developers!

Developed to meet the diverse needs of the community of designers that have helped shape SVGator over the years, we’d like to introduce you to our new mobile export feature!

The same interface you use to create and animate your designs, can now also make it easy for you to create animations for mobile apps (iOS and Android). The animations will play just as smoothly as they do on a website when exporting .svg files.

Designing mobile app animations with SVGator doesn’t require you to use a third-party app or to write any code. Just a streamlined designer-workflow that’s 100% SVGator-supported!

Choose between 2 of the top mobile app development frameworks

SVGator will now include mobile export options to two of the most popular and well-supported frameworks: React Native and Flutter.

You can choose between the two frameworks in SVGator’s intuitive export panel (more on that in a bit!).

What to expect from SVGator’s new mobile export feature

Let’s get into what matters most: what does the new mobile export feature actually bring to the table? Here’s a list of notable benefits when exporting app animations from SVGator:

  • Cross-platform export options for native apps - which means your animations will work in both iOS and Android apps
  • No compatibility issues - there’s no difference between how your animations will work on a website vs. how they will perform in an app
  • Single-Player Mode - you can install a package including SVGator’s own SVG player node module, which will help reduce APK and IPA file sizes
  • Animations work in Offline Mode - no internet connection is required to make the animations work in mobile apps, making SVGator’s exported files ideal if you want your app to have an “Offline Mode”
  • Export a single file - whether you choose to have the Single-Player embedded or not.

How to export mobile app animations

Once you’re done creating and animating your design using SVGator’s intuitive interface, open the Export panel. Let’s take a look at what’s new and see how to use the mobile export feature:

  • Select the “Mobile” tab
  • Select the Framework you want to export to. The options will be React Native animations or Flutter animations
  • Depending on which Framework option you select, you’ll see the “Export as:” option change to SampleProject.js when you choose React Native or SampleProject.dart when you choose Flutter.
  • Like with web exports, when exporting SVG files for mobile apps, you can choose the animation’s interactivity settings. The options are on load or on tap.

Ready to hit the “Export” button? Do it!

You now have ready-to-integrate mobile app animations that you can pass on to the app developers on your team!

Mobile app animation export features

Scale up your digital creativity skills
with stunning mobile app animations

The aspiration behind SVGator’s growth and continuous development has always been to open up new opportunities and territories for designers to explore. This new mobile export feature fits right in with our core vision, with the same no-coding process, and without designers having to jump from one software/plugin to another in order to create striking and responsive SVG animations.

Use our cross-platform mobile export feature to spread the wings of your creative talent, from the web into mobile apps, exporting SVG animations with no quality or performance limitations!

We’d love to hear your feedback once you give the new mobile export feature a try. Reach out here, or on social media, and tell us about your experience with it so far!