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The exported file looks different

There can be multiple reasons for that.

Please note that during the Trial period you can use all features, but the file will be exported with the basic features only. For example, animations like morph will not be included, because the Morph animator is a premium feature. You can see a list of the premium features on our pricing page.

If you have an active subscription, but the exported animation seems to be different than it was in the app, there can be a browser support error.

Before your would export the file, you can choose between two animation types, JavaScript and CSS. JavaScript will look the same in all major browsers, but CSS doesn't support advanced animations like Morph and might look different.

We usually recommend JavaScript as the animation type.

Avoid using Internet Explorer or the old Edge version to edit and view SVG animations, as it has been discountined by Microsoft a while ago and doesn't support animations as other major browsers like Chrome, Firefox or Safari.

If you are using one of the major browsers mentioned above, but the animation still doesn't look the same as it does in the app, you can also check if you have the most recent version of that browser. Even though most updates will install themselves automatically, it's worth checking if there's a new update. Our animations will be always compatible with the latest releases.

In case you couldn't find an explanation to the error, you can send us the original static SVG file and the one that you've exported from SVGator. Please also mention the email address that you've used to create an account and the project's name.

Still got questions? Send us an email to and we will get back to you as soon as we can.