Useful keyboard shortcuts in the SVGator app

Just like any other design tool, SVGator also offers shortcuts that will make your job easier during the process of creating elements and animations. You can easily find all of them by accessing the 'Menu' and navigating to the 'Help' section.

Whether you are a new user just starting to get familiar with SVGator, or you’re becoming a Superuser, or simply in need of some hotkeys, this article will help you.

Accessing the list of shortcuts in SVGator
Accessing the list of shortcuts

This article summarizes all the shortcut keys that can be used in SVGator. The following screenshots will provide you with all the different shortcuts for all types of users.

Common Keyboard shortcuts available in SVGator
Common Keyboard shortcuts
Keyboard shortcuts for Elements available in SVGator
Keyboard shortcuts for Elements
Keyboard shortcuts for Tools available in SVGator
Keyboard shortcuts for Tools
Keyboard shortcuts for Timeline available in SVGator
Keyboard shortcuts for Timeline
Keyboard shortcuts for View / UI available in SVGator
Keyboard shortcuts for View / UI

Please feel free to use all these shortcuts for your convenience. However, if you find any missing or non-functional hotkeys, please don't hesitate to email us at with the relevant details attached.

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