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Create or import

Design from scratch using SVGator’s drawing tools, or import your own SVG file.



Customly animate any element by adding keyframes on the timeline.



Choose to export your animation for the web, mobile apps, and more.

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"One of SVGator's strongest advantage is that it's very beginner-friendly. Anyone can start using it, and the learning curve is close to none."

Zero learning curve

SVG animation without coding

Create animated SVG without writing a single line of code. No need to make SVG animation manually in CSS or Javascript anymore, you just choose the built-in export settings.

Focus on creative work while the code is automatically generated in the background. Export a small-sized file that will look good on any screen.

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The most advanced features for SVG animation are right at your fingertips: scale, rotate, filter, morph, path, color, and many more animators are waiting for you to try.

Make your SVG interactive by setting it to start on click, on scroll, or on hover. Choose Javascript or CSS as the animation type.

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