How to use SVGator Plugin for WordPress

As WordPress doesn't allow to upload the SVG files that contain JavaScript, we developed our own plugin to make it easier to add your animations.

All you need to add an animated SVG to WordPress is this plugin. We have another page describing how to add an animated SVG to WordPress without using the plugin. Those methods are workarounds and may not work all the time. WordPress has a ton of custom themes, page builders, and other customizations that may interfere with our plugin. If the SVGator plugin doesn't work for you, you could still follow and use a method described on the page "How to Add Animated SVG to WordPress"

To use animated SVGs in WordPress , all you have to do is to install the plugin, login with SVGator ,  import your SVG, add your SVG on a page.

We'll go over these steps in more detail below.

1) Install the plugin

Go to your plugins section , click Add new and search for SVGator .

Next click Install now, and activate.

SVGator plugin

2) Find the SVGator section in your WordPress menu.

SVGator Wordpress Plugin

Enter the SVGator section and connect to your SVGator account.

Add SVG to Wordpress

Now you should see all your projects from your SVGator library.

(You can remove the access anytime by logging into, Account settings, and in the  3rd party apps section just click delete.)

3) Add your project by clicking Import to media, the project will be exported with the saved export settings from SVGator. If the project or export settings are not modified you can export it multiple times and it will not add to your number of exports.

SVGator project

The project will appear in your WordPress media library.

SVGator project in wordpress media library

4) To add the SVG on a page just add an SVGator block.

SVG to Wordpress Plugin

If you are using Elementor, you can find the SVGator block in the Elements tab under WORDPRESS elements.

SVG to Worpress Elementor

Once you selected the SVGator block you will be prompted to select your SVG from the media library.

SVG Animation Wordpress

If the SVG is too big, just resize it using the resize controls around it.

All you have to do now is hit preview and enjoy your Animation.

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