Change the element’s origin point

To see a certain element’s or group's origin point, select the Transform tool:

svg anchor point
Origin point is visible when you are using the Transform tool

By default, each element’s origin point is positioned in the center of the element. If you want to change the position of the origin point, you can drag it with your mouse directly in the stage, or you can use the Anchor inputs in the Transform panel from the right sidebar:

svg anchor point
Change your origin point from with precision in the transform panel

Different positions for the origin point will generate different results with Transform animators (Position, Scale, Rotate, or Skew).

Because it’s a lot easier to create an animation when the origin point is centered, we added a shortcut for this on the top right side of the application. Alternatively, you can also use the shift + cmd/ctrl + O shortcut:

svg anchor point
Center the origin button from the toolbar with a click

Animating the origin point

Select an element on the canvas and click on the Animators list on the timeline to add the Anchor animator. You can also use the shift + A shortcut. You will notice that the element has been added to the timeline with the Anchor animator and the first keyframe right where the playhead is positioned:

svg anchor point
You can animate the origin with the Anchor animator

Next, move the playhead to the next second and change the origin point’s position. A second keyframe will be automatically added where the playhead is. Click on the preview button to see the animation and repeat these steps to continue your project.

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